Blue Beetle #1 Review

Writer: Keith Giffen / Artist: Scott Kolins / DC Comics

From now the fuck on you going put some respect on the name Jaime Reyes and if you weren’t before you are damn sure going to put even more respect on the name Ted Kord. Admittedly, I was shaky about the dynamic between Ted and Jaime after their Rebirth #1 debut together. It was great but i was iffy on the way Ted and Jaime interacted. However, after reading the best description breaking down the past relationship Jaime Reyes had with Ted Kord’s legacy versus his present relationship with a now very alive Ted Kord in a new lifetime is from a Tumblr post by lilydoodles, I had to check myself. I got caught up in the memory of Ted Kord and how I thought he should have this perfect (read:typical) mentor relationship with Jaime be and didn’t see that Giffen is giving us peak Ted Kord who far from perfect as well as typical.

Now this issue right here? Woooo boy, this issue right here is that crack I needed. We open up with Jaime having dreams of the Scarab fighting Dr. Fate and while this is important back story for the scarab, the banter between Jaime and Brenda is perfect snark, sarcasm, and friendship on the highest level. Once Paco gets into the mix it dials up to even plenty of quips and one-liners. Giffen nails Jaime’s personality from jump man. Jaime is a smart kid, too smart at times as we’ve seen in his previous adventures but the snark is so charming when it comes from him.


We find out that Ted Kord is the guest speaker at Jaime school and he gets a tip from talking with a member from a gang that turns out to be a metahuman gang. Ted of course gets Jaime involved in this as they are going to be checking out some students that have disappeared. What ensues is great banter between Ted and Jaime which is accentuated when you come to this issue having read the Blue Beetle Rebirth #1. Giffen has Ted able to match Jaime’s snark for snark and when Jaime is fed up with Ted not telling him the whole story or something useful to use in a dire situation, Ted is still hitting him with jokes. Jaime finds himself battling a metahuman while at the same time trying to help him and we get some insight in Ted Kord’s old superhero days as he knows the type of power set Jaime is up against.

I freaking love this dynamic so much man, Ted filling Jaime in on things like his visit from Dr. Fate on the fly and completely at a horrible time is greatness. Now lets get to how Scott Kolins’ art is incredible for this series as well. We see Jaime has this very teen know it all (without being arrogant) type of look to him as if he just has a comeback waiting in the chamber at all times. When Jaime is suited up, he looks a lot more menacing in the scarab armor this time around than in his previous incarnation. Again, I am feeling that shit. Kolins depiction of this month’s boss battle was great as well plus the shield action from Jaime was a pleasant surprise to see come out. Kolins does a great job of displaying Jaime learning what the suit can do along with the reader as well.


Aye, if you see Blue Beetle on the shelf grab that shit, man. We got some heat on our hands with this series right here. The Blue Beetles are back and together for the first time and it feels good, but more importantly, it reads even better than it feels.

9.7 “We’ll talk about it later”s out of 10

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