Blue Beetle #12 Review

Writer: Keither Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis / Artist: Scott Kolins / DC Comics

Man, I’m about to be on one right here. My guy Ted Kord is minding his own damn business when Batman decides to stick his nose in a lane that doesn’t concern him. Yo, this interaction has me so freaking agitated. This really irked me. I get that Batman is the know-it-all dickhead, fine. However, the condescension was at an all-time high here.

Batman comes all the way from Gotham [South Jersey] to El Paso Texas to tell Kord he’s been fucking up by putting Jaime in danger as he’s only a kid. What? Thank god Ted Kord threw that obvious hypocrisy back in Bruce’s face (how old was Dick Grayson when Bruce put him in harm’s way, in front of bullets and psychopaths?). Bats takes it upon himself to insult Kord’s hero career and personal life before going to watch Jaime in action.

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 5.18.42 PM

If you remember Countdown to Infinite Crisis where Batman’s paranoia and secrecy plays a huge part in Ted Kord’s death, then this scene just makes you wanna deck Bruce. Meanwhile, Jaime is trying to get his date life in order, but that gets put on hold as another crisis arises. La Dama’s henchman is on the loose with dangerous technology and Jaime’s love life takes a backseat as he faces the new danger, this time with the scarab being compliant and helpful.

The artwork was great at showing all the characters on their element. It’s hard to imagine the series drawn without Kolins as his distinct style defines Jaime and company.

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 5.19.06 PM

There’s set up for La Dama to be reintroduced as a villain/frenemy for Jaime. I personally woulda preferred just this aspect without Batman stepping in and Jaime flipping the script on ’em. Without La Dama this issue would have come across as a one-shot or filler. Batman bias aside [’cause you got my mans and dem killed] there weren’t any tips or useful advice Bruce gave Jaime upon meeting aside from a cosign. But fuck your cosign, Bruce. Not in this book, yo. Not on Blue Beetle’s time, bro-bro.

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 5.19.34 PM

7 People Pointing out “He Doesn’t Even Go Here” out of 10

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