Captain America and The Mighty Avengers #1 Review

Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Luke Ross

*Birdman Hand Rub* I been waiting for this shit for the longest. This is my addiction right here. Volume 2 of the most slept on series in the game, fresh with a new name change. I was really hoping that the series would be picking up where volume one left off. Yeah, thats not going to be the case. It looks like we have to deal with the inverted (personality) version of Sam Wilson (Captain America) and Luke Cage. Ughhhh, I wanted everyone happy and congratulating Sam, not this type of start BUT Al Ewing my writer (I love it had to be him) and I trust him to the fullest.

We get Sam Wilson going straight Captain America in The Hood aka Dough Boy reckless on criminals. Sam taking no prisoners in cleaning up these streets. Fuck your human rights, only right you got is to catch these wings.

Screenshot 2014-11-13 00.50.05

We also see Luke Cage conducting some (shady?) business moves with a corporate leader they had a run in with in volume one. Spider-Man stops by to apologize for his actions in the previous serious but Luke cage gave him the bad dog getting a newspaper to the nose treatment.

The culmination of the story however is Sam Wilson feels the Mighty avengers are a couple of bleeding hearts, so he plans to take them down from the inside. He even got a hit list (its weird that Luke Cage is included in this even though Sam knows Luke is inverted as well and enjoying it).

Aye, it’s not the start I wanted but you gotta give the people what you need before they get what they want. I see you Al Ewing. I see that work you putting in.


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  • bison4Life

    I enjoyed both, but Cap #1 was better because of Remender. Great seeing Batroc.

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