Captain Marvel #10 Review

writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick / artist: David Lopez, Marcio Takara & Laura Braga

This specific volume of Captain Marvel may have started as a traditional arc, but since then, the series has been a run of couplets or standalone issues. The quality of the series hasn’t suffered from that as the book has been flat out fun and unique. In part 1 of 2 in “A Christmas Carol,” Ms. Danvers reads a story from three of her closest friends. Besides the fact that it’s a good story with a silly yet challenging conflict, more than anything, this comic has a ton of heart. It continues to play on the theme that DeConnick started previously of how Captain Marvel inspires the ordinary and extra-ordinary person, alike. It’s cute, fun and full of DeConnick’s flair for witty dialogue and interactions.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed the art as well. Seldom can you have three pencillers on one issue without the overall art suffering for it, but it seems that Lopez still provides the backbone for the book overall and that helps even out the different styles used at different points in the story.

Captain Marvel continues to be the strong book it began as, even if it is feels very different now than from its opening arc. A lot of funny and witty characters make this a fun and heartfelt story, one very befitting the character we’ve loved for a while now. It is Christmas time, after all.


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