writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick / art: David Lopez

This month, Captain Marvel moves a bit slower, choosing for exposition rather than action, but the result is still a good one as we get some plot movement, threats identified and building of the “Carol Corps.” While it has been an enjoyable ride, we have taken four issues to reset the narrative we started with, but I’m guessing that knowing the characters more and their motivations will hold some emotional ground as the story progresses. As strong as Carol is as a character overall and in this book, it was nice to see some secondary characters be able to carry a decent issue and I’m sure it will pay dividends as they become more involved in the plot.

Of course the most intriguing new character is Jackie as she oozes personality and seems like a natural sidekick for Carol moving forward. The rest of the characters weren’t as developed, they do differ from each other a considerable bit, enough to make them interesting as a unit.

The reveal that Emperor J’son is responsible for pressuring the Madam to evacuate her people isn’t all that surprising as J’son has become such a stock overlord these days. It does seem that there is more to him wanting to kick all those people off the planet more than “just cuz.”

Even in a slower issue, Captain Marvel is still good bit of writing with intrigue and fun dialogue to keep you interested even without big bangs. The plot is moving towards another large confrontation with Carol and J’son, but at least she won’t be alone.


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