Cate Blanchett Has Us Hella Excited for Hela’s Debut in The MCU

Taika Waititi & Cate Blanchett need to shut up and take my Thor Ragnarok money

But are my brother’s powers set forth?
Ay, madam.
Himself in person there?
Madam, with much ado:
Your sister is the better soldier.
King Lear Act 4, Scene 5

Y’all… I already didn’t know if we’d be ready for everything Cate Blanchett is finna give us in Thor: Ragnarok. But after this latest promo drop, I think I can pretty confidently say that no, we ain’t ready. Hell, I don’t think Cate Blanchett was ready for everything Cate Blanchett was finna give us in this movie.

We got a glimpse of the possibilities of a Blanchett supervillain in Fellowship of the Ring when Galadriel had her lapse into evil. We’re gonna skip over her terrible Russian accent in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull because everything in that movie deserves to be skipped over and forgotten. I’m sorry I even mentioned it just now. But those of us who saw her nuanced turn as Cinderella’s nemesis, Lady Tremaine, probably knew we’d be getting a good little somethin, somethin.

“Some of the happiest times have been beating people up,” Blanchett croons. “I don’t have to speak today. I can just throw axes into someone’s gut. That’s been good.”

Then she chuckles. She chuckles about disemboweling stuntmen (for fake) and not speaking any lines for the day. That’s the kind of joy an actress feels when she’s ready to bring her A+ on a 5.0 GPA scale game. That’s that shit I live for.

I know it’s early to call it, but I think Hela is about to be my favorite villain in the MCU. It’s looking like she’s evil in the grand Shakespearean style. She’s giving me Tamora, Lady Maccers, Goneril (the better soldier mentioned above) feels and I LIVE. Lady villains are the best and she’s my favorite kind: sexy without having to seduce, styled dark as hell, and stronger and better than all the boys.

Videos like these make me happy to be bi because this lust has LEVELS. How much are they selling Hela costumes for? *runs to do my googles* Lowkey (or Loki. Ha! I’ll see myself out, thanks) I want Hela to win. Like I’m legit rooting for her as a fan of women with swords, of female and femme villains, and as a raging bisexual (me, not Cate. Unless you’ve heard something…).

I still don’t know what the hell Thor Ragnarok is finna to be but I do know that shit is getting my money ASAPtually.

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