Counterpart Recap: Outside In

Season: 2 / Episode: 2 (12) / Starz

***Spoilers be harboring fugitives and getting promoted for it. Previous COUNTERPART recaps are here***

Jesus, Mary, and Prime, we not in Kansas anymore. After not seeing Prime for the whole opener, we back to our favorite adjunct terrorist professors on the run. Aldus got some reservations fam. He’s like we are cowards for deserting kids man. Wu-Tang is for the babies, but we out ran like some punks. Ole girl is like you need to be strong. Strong for them. Strong cuz I just put the gun on the table like it was a threat. Strong like we gonna make out now, and I’m getting to third base by squeezing your manhood like a stingy tube of toothpaste. I don’t know if this is kink for terrorists but this is the sexy we’re getting right now.

Damn Homie in High School…Things Probably Still Sucked

We gotta flashback on Earth – 1 of Emily Pre-Coma heading out of the house. She tells Howard she’s going to the dry cleaners…at like 7pm. Aiight. And here in the now, we got Howard as a prisoner in Prime. Dude sleeping on a slab. Dude look like he ain’t ate in about a week. Beard lookin’ like he out of work got no interviews lined up this week. They torturing our boy, threatening to send him to a black site. You can tell they ain’t letting him sleep for shit.

This cat breaks it down for Howard saying that E-Amnesia over there was communicating with Howard-in-Black and just so happened to come out of a coma before the crossing. Like that shit was a set-up to swap the Howards out. Of course, Howard so fuckin’ loopy, you’d think he been binging Nyquil all day. Like he hearing this shit, but he also probably think half this shit is a dream (nightmare).

EPMD Back in Business

You already know by the way she put the heater in the holster that we lookin at Emily Prime aka EPMD. She taking her meds, so fresh so clean, walking into work where security is chill cuz they didn’t have three muthafuckas come through spraying up the walls like Miles Morales with the graffiti.

EPMD walks into a meeting where an ambassador from the other side is going the fuck off. He’s pissed cuz he and his folks being held prisoner because the crossing is closed. Diplomacy is giving him all kinds of bullshit about how its inconvenient, and there’s no indication that Prime was responsible…Yeah, Flash didn’t die during the Crisis of Infinite Earths so you could be up here lying like this.

He gets escorted out and EPMD is like, yep, pretty much what I was thinking. Diplomacy taking their marching orders from Management and EPMD is like, yeah, I told y’all Management didn’t know what the fuck they were doing. They got us out here looking for a needle, but they burned all the haystacks first.

Off The Grid Don’t Mean Off The Hook

Elderly Black Man alert! I just want to say, I want you to imagine what a Black man in his 70s or older has seen in his life. Then quantify that by what he’s probably seen in where paranoia, secrecy, and isolationism are paramount. It’s safe to say, this dude done seen some shit. He comes home to see his whole place is ransacked, and he already know what’s up. He gets a gun pointed at his head and don’t even flinch. He know the drill and gets taken out back to meet the Head Mistress of the Murder For Young Scholars school. Apparently, Elderly Black Man #1 was part of Management or reported to them at some point. He never bought into all this conspiracy flu shit, but that’s about to make the rest of his life very difficult.

She asks where the case is, and he’s like, nah, naaaaaah, I ain’t never saying where that shit is. And you won’t be able to find anyone else. Then she pulled out the sickle. Look, I’m not a fiction writer (yet), but when I do, I’m gonna start a chapter describing the villain as “Then they pulled out the sickle.” Cuz that shit is fucking chilling. Also…I’m very, very glad they didn’t show any shit after that. I just wasn’t up for watching that man be tortured, yo.

Visiting Hours. More Like Take No Visitors

EMPD show up at holding facility to see her not-husband Howard Silk. This barely puberty passed dude at the desk is like, nah. Just like yesterday, the day before that, the previous holiday, etc. EPMD looks into the camera like the office… like aiight. I’ll wait. She waits the entirety of visiting hours with no entry and then leaves. She passes your boy Shaw like they don’t even know each other. Daaaaaaaaamn. Visiting hours are fucking over, ain’t they? They treating each other like they awkwardly passed each other in Robert Mueller’s office or some shit.

When EPMD gets home, Anna is there cooking. She straight up went blonde like Black Widow on the run with Steve Rogers. Apparently, she going through a nasty break up cuz her dude was cheating on her. Then Anna drops that she wanted to talk to dad about it, and EPMD just let that lie ride that he went back to his old ways. Not that He is either living another muthafuckas life in a different dimension or that the fake, good one is in Prime Abu Ghraib. Everybody miss Howard, but don’t nobody really miss Howard, nahmean?

Grand Opening, Grand Closing

And what used to be the easiest job on the planet, guarding the crossing when the doors are closed, go real exciting when the doors opened unexpectedly. Some gangly bastard looking like Viktor Drago if he didn’t work out, drops off a thick ass envelope like, “tell Management I’m sending this inter-dimensional Prime Shipping.” And then, them bastards closed the doors again.

EPMD coming into work and is greeted at the gates. She on her way up to the fourth floor. Which is basically like heaven cuz muthafuckas have no idea what it actually looks like. She take that elevator up and I appreciate Management ain’t greedy with their resource funds. Fourth floor look like it ain’t been furnished yet. Like…most rooms ain’t got doors, yo.

EPMD goes into an empty room (like for real, there ain’t even carpet in this place man) and just sees a machine. I’m like, if this some Fallout 3 shit and management is a damn AI program I’m turning this shit off right now…but…it wasn’t. So, I’m still here. A brotha walks in, apologizes for being late and asks EMPD to sit down on one of the 3 pieces of furniture on the whole floor.

Management By Proxy

Ok, first off, I’m gonna recap this scene, but let’s be clear: This scene was fucking great. GREAT. The mystery of management. The acting. The back and forth. The exposition we’ve been dying for. Fucking. Great. anyways.

Dude don’t give his name, but he says he’s an emissary of Management. Basically, EPMD just got promoted to Head of Strategy. Half because she’s been ahead of everyone on this and half because they know she been pretending not to be married to her not-husband and doing it poorly cuz Management has noticed. Instead of being tried for mingling and abetting a crosser, she’s being given an S-Class mission.

Counterpart Season 2 2019

Ol’ girl from the Indigo School? Her name is Mira. Mira, is a terrorist. But you knew that already. What you didn’t know is that she was supposed to be eliminated a long time ago, but apparently that never happened. So now, the other side is willing to open diplomacy back up if and I quote, “roll up on her bumping ‘What up Danger?’ and bullet farm her into the earth.” Ok, that wasn’t a quote…I’m paraphrasing. Anyways, EPMD is like, yeah, that’s cool, how bout you release Howard Silk and the emissary is like you outta yo’ mind. We ain’t negotiating.

But…when the phone rings immediately, I dunno fam, maybe your ass is negotiating. Management is like, yeah, fuck it, she can have Silk as long as she hunts down Mira. Dude leaves hastily and is like, yep, you got your orders, I guess I’ll see you next lifetime.

Also, I kind of hope all of management’s emissaries are just varying ages of Black men. I need it to be a theme.

No Holiday For the Wicked

Speaking of a Black Men going through all his ages, Ian up in the coffee shop watching this woman from outside enter. She recognizes him, and they strike up a conversation. Dude is really trying to unwind, but it seems he got some important info regarding Pope so he gotta roll. His team discovered a safe house, and they roll up in there. But whoever they looking for is dead af. Indigo is cleaning up all their loose ends, so it seems Shaw and his team still chasing their tales.

Aging By The Day Howard gets brought back into interrogation. Dude still asking him about his wife, and he’s like, bruh Pope asked me the same thing. I ain’t saying it’s related, but like, Pope ain’t breathing anymore so…

Maybe She’s Not That Into You

So of course, dude breaks out a recording of E-Amnesia grabbing him by the ambition. We learn that Howard never got promoted from Interface, because E-Amnesia wouldn’t allow it. She was too concerned about her cover being blown and didn’t care that he wasn’t happy. Howard is like…fam, ain’t none of this shit a surprise at this point.

EPMD visits the home of some parents that donated their son to Indigo. The parents are like, our son died of the flu twenty-one years ago. EPMD is like…yeah, that smells like bullshit. Mom is defiant. Pops looking like he got doubts though.

EPMD back at the prison and this time she gets clearance to talk to Howard. They discussing E-Amnesia, and Howard can’t understand how she could be so cold. EPMD is like…um…I can…relate? EPMD is like, I basically did the same thing.

And now, Howard knows why HIB left EPMD and became the man he did. Howard is insistent that he would never take that path. But now EPMD is like the third muthafucka basically begging Howard to see E-Amnesia for who she really is and dude is doing the fingers in his ears and singing “I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you.” Shit is embarrassing man. Like, I believe in love but like, I also believe the version of fairy tales where the wolf probably devoured Little Red Riding Hood and washed her down some fresh ale. Howard gotta let some shit go.

If You See Something…

EPMD walking home and notices she’s being followed. It’s the dad asking if EPMD can really get his son back. He gonna need some protection if he gives up Mira, and we know this cuz Mira is ruthless with some gardening tools.

Shaw comes home to see EPMD in his home talkin’ about I forgot about your keys. Even though she’s sorta kinda sorry for fucking him over like that with Howard, she actually got a job for him. She wants his help finding Mira. And cuz Shaw is tired of these late ass leads to go nowhere, you know he’s down to help as much as he don’t want to admit it.

EPMD gets a call from the dad saying a meeting is set up. Shaw and his team are set up for the sting. Indigo tells the dad him and his wife no longer safe in Berlin and that they need to get out. Now, we tailing this dude as he leaves the café. They track him all the way back to his crib, even down to the apartment, but something ain’t right. Like this dude using the blinds as signals or some shit. Eli, from Shaw’s team gets nervous and ignores orders. Dude is like, fuck this, I’m going in…cuz that always works.

Hunting Season

Well, Eli done kicked in the door, but he ain’t really carrying the 4-4. Shaw gets up there with him just in time for Aldus to pop from around the corner lickin’ shots. Eli gets hit while Aldus makes a run for it. Now EPMD chasing dude through the staircase up to the roof. He standing on the edge of the building, and EPMD tries to talk him down. He looks at her and says, “of course it was you” before doing the Nestle plunge off the building. That was the Crouching Tiger leap without the promise of peace everlasting.

They pulling info from the computers, and they got intel on everybody. EPMD pockets the folder on herself while Shaw gets in motion on using the intel.

I Have Always Been Loyal

And Poppa traitor comes home to see Momma traitor is still a traitor cuz Mira sitting at their dining room table. Dude starts trying to explain himself, and Mira just puts single dose of lead right in dude’s school. She points the gun at Momma, who ain’t even phased. She’s like, I’ve always been loyal. Gotdamn yo.

Because Howard refuses to cooperate, dude recommends him for the black site. Howard is like, whatevs man. And of course, this bastard is working for Mira. Also, Momma traitor’s loyalty wasn’t good enough cuz her brains on the table now too. This shit is all tangled, b.

EPMD is looking at her file when Shaw comes through. Looking at the files, she realizes that E-Amnesia was at one point over on Prime…doing THE MOST. Gotdamn man, E-Amnesia got all the explaining to do. I really need Howard to drop that dime and end this stop snitching campaign. For real this time, things are as bad as they’ve ever been.

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