Counterpart Recap: Point of Departure

Season: 2 / Episode: 4 (14), Point of Departure / Starz

***Spoilers be going down memory lane and taking marriages hostage. Previous COUNTERPART recaps are here.***

Maaaan, listen. Anytime we open with Mira, we already know some cold shit bout to happen this episode. Mira is following some tracking device and she must be looking for that shit Management been keeping hidden. Dude at the gate of some (seemingly) abandoned hangar tries to stop her, but she just asks his name. Considering we didn’t get to hear his answer, that probably means we’ll never know what it was.

Wait, we getting an Emily flashback?! Back when she wasn’t quite a double dealing spy, she’s on a trip with her mother. They talking wedding rings and nuptials until Emily brings up her dad and mom is like…yeah, we not gonna do that today, sis. Turns out Emily’s mom was a scholar and ended up giving up all that shit for…well, we’re not sure. We are sure she still bitter about that shit.

Now we in the present and Emily Prime aka EPMD looks like she driving down that same road. She pulls up to a residence and the landlord acting like he knows her. EPMD just rolls with it and makes her way to her “usual cottage.”

Meanwhile, Howard in Black is a terrible Howard. Like, this domestic shit ain’t really for him. He must have left that back on Prime when he was still in interface. Emily Amnesia is excited because she read the title of a book and HiB is like…wow…reading monosyllabic words…wow. E-Amnesia is like, damn, you could be excited for me and you know HiB wanted to be like, I’d be excited if you could do the alphabet without asking for a cookie afterwards. He don’t say that…but it sure feels like that.

Snake Ass Clare is in the farmer’s market when Lambert rolls up on her. Ayebody a little tense since, ya know, the thing that SAC was supposed to go to that her husband went to instead got shot the fuck up. Lambert is like yeah, call that shit the SATs, but your husband showed up to take it for you. They going back and forth about how much Ballad of the Fallen Pete knows before Lambert is like…so how long has BFP had your Snake Ass Clare #1 in plastic cuz he seems to know all your business. Lambert is like you done screwed the pooch on this so…make the pooch more chaste.

Annnnnddddd BFP is waiting in the damn car. Like…can y’all try to be covert about this shit? We all know BFP’s spycraft is highly questionable. SAC tells BFP that Lambert hasn’t exposed them yet cuz it would fuck him over as well. But they seem to have a plan in place cuz SAC says they’ll only be safe when Lambert is dead and that HiB better do his part. Which ya know…I’m pretty sure they aren’t aware that Lambert comes with a side of Lambert, so killing one may cause even more chaos…I dunno, I just work here, yo.

Also, shout out to domestics still jumping up even in moments of crisis. SAC tells BFP to not smoke cuz their daughter (named after her old crush who is now a terrorist plotting on their side) rides in that car. BFP puts out the cigarette with a “Mother of the Year” quip. Fair to say…both of them probably ain’t surviving the season.

HiB gets the text from SAC that “All is Clear” which who knows the true nature of what that means. Man, listen, these muthafuckas be doing that spy shittttt. Section Two team abducts Lambert on some Mission Impossible but everyone taller than Ethan Hawke type shit. SAC is up in his crib…but she notices two pairs of shoes…welp. She sees the file on her, but doesn’t go back to fact that she was seeing double.

Now Section Two got Lambert up in the same hostage situation they keeping Baldwin. Yikes. Then HIB slips Baldwin a knife. YIKES. Already don’t like where this is going. Regardless if Section Two loses their leverage or something even worse happens to Section Two, HIB really fucking with his friends, yo. HIB tells Section Two that he’s gonna make a connection with the office to ensure their immunity. And they thank him for doing this…yeah…about that…

Back in Arkham Echo, we come back right as Howard waking up from that ass whuppin. They really just left the man and his fractured ribs on the floor like that. Ain’t nobody come pick him up or anything. Arkham Pete saved a seat for Howard at breakfast and I guess we just gonna ignore that Howard had the brakes beat off of him cuz Arkham Pete is curious how he’s different from his other. After rambling, Arkham Pete drops bars like it’s not easy being the kind one Howard. Sheeeiit. No room for implied weakness in these parts.

Ian got THAT PACKAGE and heads over to some Oracle tech type cat’s spot. Ian bribes dude with some cigarettes which I imagine gotta be illegal AF with everyone wearing masks and shit. They open up that case and find that it’s some shit that belonged to Management. They use that shit to communicate with each other. Your boy is like, yeah, the cost of the brick going up cuz you got me hacking some Fifth Freedom type of shit.

EPMD up in the cottage and reminiscing on that trip with her mom. Apparently, she came back earlier than she was supposed to cuz her mom was getting it innnn with another dude in the shower. Young EPMD snatched that wedding ring off the cabinet like it was money in a craps game fam. She ran that shit past the temple and hid that shit behind some bricks at the base. This must be that spot E-Amnesia was talkin’ about. And there’s all kinds of intel there. Fuckin’ Where-Hoffa-At papers and shit. EPMD verifies by copying a name in the same handwriting…yep, E-Amnesia left this shit. Also, your boy working with Indigo that interrogated Howard is the subject she opens…welp.

E-Amnesia venturing out into the world with her “I can read the title at least” book in hand. She goes to the library, which is like her kryptonite right now. She checks that book in and it turns out that she used this book as a way to message someone. Considering only her and some other dude only read it and be checking that shit out back and forth like every other week.

Baldwin and Lambert in confinement while Baldwin is cutting through her restraints. Lambert is real excited about that shit cuz he thinks they bout to get out…I mean…he bout to get out in a manner of speaking.

Dude from Section Two comes in to see Lambert’s jugular sprung a leak and Baldwin trying to climb out the window. She’s like fam…look, this is the smoke…you don’t want. Trust me on this. He…did not trust her. She knocks the gun away and bodies dude into the chair. To her credit she did try to escape. When dude snatched back into from the window, she picked up that knife and snatched his life. And then…everybody else’s life. Like…gotdamn man. I liked Section Two. Like…all 6 minutes of screen time they had. And now their watch has ended.

This shit was fucking brutal man. Bru. Tal. Also, there is no reason for HIB to leave Baldwin alive now…or the other way around.

Baldwin makes the call to SAC and lets her know that (one of the) Lambert(s) is dead. And tells her to pass along her apology. Yeah…probably should’ve sent a floral arrangement with that.

Ballad of the Fallen Pete is up in his office, stewing. He gets the call from SAC and the code for White Asparagus must be Murda Murda Murda. He then codes that shit to HIB by closing the curtain. All is right…until the details come out.

Arkham Pete is giving up his information to Yanek. This shit is sad mad. Like, I can’t even tell which Pete is more fucking depressing right now. Yanek hits Howard with the physiology serum and let’s him know the attack was a test in response. Shit is fuckin’ crazy. Howard is fed up but for real, your dude is just tired AF. Like…he would cooperate if he wasn’t fucking exhausted.

E-Amnesia still in the library trying to literacy on. But she must have those spy instincts going cuz she sees Lambert come in and grab the code book. What in the fuck man. She was working with Lambert!?!? This is only getting worse. E-Amnesia follows him and they have a…chat. This is a dangerous ass game man, I would hope that E-Amnesia done remembered enough to know they was into some shady-ass shit and therefore shouldn’t meet shady-ass characters from her shady-ass past.

Lambert asks her about his other…who is missing. You know, fucking dead. He gives her a meeting place if she finds out any other information.

Howard giving his life story to Yanek. They looking for points of departure and we find out that their relationships with their father was the turning point. Yanek hits Howard with that knowledge of (him)self: Howard sees the world with empathy where Howard in Black sees the world with clarity. Which has freed him of the shit Howard be struggling with.

And speaking of clarity, Howard in Black returns to the not-safe house to see clarity splashed all over the floors. Section Two got ripped apart like fuckin’ Christmas wrapping paper fam. But true to Yanek’s words, HIB takes a breath, gathers himself, then heads home.

The only time dude gets amped is when he walks in and sees E-Amnesia is there. When she gets back, it’s adventures with Emily and that shit goes bad, quick. She’s all giddy about this meet up and HIB is like, yeah, but who the fuck are you out here meeting ma dude? And look, HIB ain’t wrong. His tone is. And E-Amnesia don’t actually know what the fuck she talkin’ about, but she still taking offense. Shit is all bad in the Silk household right now.

Snake Ass Clare looking at the recovered file from Lambert’s home. She throwing that shit in the fire, all traces bout to be gone. She finds a USB drive labeled “Pope” and of course, has to listen to this shit. Pope telling Lambert that the flu didn’t kill SAC parents, Mira did. I mean, GOTDAMN, yo. Everybody can get it. From any angle. Jesus.

BFP is in a good mood cuz he feel like his life just got stabilized. But SAC still reeling off that audio. And when she has the chance to tell BFP, she doesn’t. She ain’t never gonna trust this dude, lol.

Ian comes back to check on this project but of course…the door is cracked. I’m telling you. Every time someone on Prime touches something, it leaves a lot of dead people in its wake. Dude is dead. Dead AF. Case gone, of course. A team pulls up and it’s dude that was the liaison for Management. He’s like, you better hope Mira don’t have that shit.

But of course, her little pet does have it. Mira giving dude next instructions. Meanwhile EPMD tagging his car with a tracker as he got the case with him. Now she on the hunt.

Howard trying to get back to normalcy with a shave and a haircut. He trying to rekindle that friendship with Marcel, but Marcel ain’t trying to hear it. But Howard is like, nah b, you gonna get this good disarming. Like…almost, before Marcel shoves your dude like a Mack truck onto the cement.

And E-Amnesia…what even is she trying to do fam? lol. She sneaks out of the house to meet with Naya. E-Amnesia is like, I think you should meet someone.

Naya comes into the office the next morning and grabs BFP, who could not be more pleased with himself. She’s like, we got a breakthrough. Yeah, “breakthrough” is code for fucking Lambert fam. BFP lookin’ like Miles when he saw Peter B. Parker in the cemetery, yo. I have no idea how he getting the fuck out this shit. For Ballad of the Fallen Pete and Snake Ass Clare, things are as bad as they’ve ever been.

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  • Magenta

    Best synopsis I’ve ever seen! Thank you for summing up this kick ass show so brilliantly. 👏👏

  • Lisa Y.

    FYI–the liaison from Management? His name is Yorke. Gotta love closed captioning.

    And your ‘Counterpart’ recaps are the best anywhere. I love this show. This show, and your recaps, don’t get nearly enough of the public love they deserve.

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