Deadpool Movie Review: “Shut Up and Take My Money”

[dropcap1]A[/dropcap1]lright, Deadpool was released and has exceeded all expectations in terms of box office. It has the highest grossing R-rated opening ever, and it’s in the top 10 superhero movie openings ever. Just think, all of this came from basically a cameo role in Wolverine Origins. You also won’t see the title of that movie in the rest of this article, as I have a contract with Exodia to only mention it once. Imagine if Fox would’ve pulled the trigger on the movie years ago, LAWD.

Now me, being one of the hardcore Deadpool fans, was feeling a little anxious with this one. Lo and behold my anxiousness ceased as the opening titles were shown and I was treated to an amazing, eye opening (sometimes tear inducing) experience. If you can’t tell, I loved the movie. Yeah, it was amazing. If this was ranked on a Devil May Cry scale it would be “SSStylish!”

There really isn’t much to say about this movie without spoiling it but there are a few things to talk about. One is that this movie is as true to Deadpool’s origin story as it can be, considering the fact that it’s part of a bigger universe and other licensing issues it might have. The differences between comic and film are surprisingly minimal and they really try to show you how brutal a superhero origin can really be if it’s given the R-rated treatment that gives a dark undertone to the action and the comedy of the movie.

Speaking of comic and film differences, the supporting cast is actually kept intact for the most part. Vanessa, who is his love interest, is straight from the comic book, albeit missing a few mutant powers (for now). Weasel hops out of the pages as his comedic sidekick — well, sort of — and Blind Al is just as blind as she was in the comic book. The relationship between these characters felt genuine… and sometimes weird. That only added to the magic of Deadpool.

In terms of relationships, usually when there is a romantic subplot it might bring down the movie a little bit. The romance in this movie was done so well that it could be its own movie and be better than a lot of romantic comedies. The pacing of the film goes from flashbacks to present, and while obviously the present is the more entertaining of the two, the past isn’t too shabby in entertainment either.

Now let’s talk about the X-Men duo, Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. These two being added makes it feel like more of a team-up movie than just an origin story. They were involved in the plot more than I originally thought they would be and they’re actually hilarious — I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them in the future. Everyone played their role perfectly. Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool and I can’t stress that enough.


The main villain Ajax is a douchebag and Deadpool is just a little bit less of a douchebag than he is, which is something that he points out. Deadpool isn’t a goody two shoes and the fact that we get to follow someone like this as our hero reminds me of another R-rated superhero, Blade, and how he conducted business in the streets.

The fight choreography is breathtaking and every single sword swing is easily seen, every dismemberment is noticeable, and highlighted with great camerawork. All in all every fight is a impressive experience. The soundtrack is booming and even hilarious itself sometimes, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Honestly, the only problems this film has is something that was stated earlier: budget and licensing problems. Taskmaster was originally supposed to be a part of the movie but he was cut because it would’ve been too expensive. Now that Marvel owns Taskmaster again like some sort of character hot potato, he most likely won’t be in the sequel either. Wolverine was set to appear, but because of scheduling, budget, and so many more reasons, he was also cut. The Deadpool movie did an absolutely amazing job with using all of the resources that were given to it to create a movie that the fans wanted.

Deadpool is a fantastic start to a surefire franchise in the making, and even with a small budget in terms of a blockbuster superhero movie it’s just about perfect. On a personal level and as a Deadpool fan, after waiting all these years this movie would get a 10 from me, but for the regular everyday moviegoer with no prior Deadpool experience… this movie gets a Solid Snake 9 outta 10. I had you fooled into thinking I’d give it a lower score, didn’t I? This movie is entertaining, romantic, and just fills you with a bubbly feeling in your loins.

We all are

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This movie is what the song “When You Believe” from Prince of Egypt was all about (well not really but you get it). Go out and enjoy this movie if you haven’t already and don’t forget to bring your unicorns.

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  • Jeanna Feldhus

    Saw it on the 23rd in theaters, with my boyfriend and I was more excited than he was! Deadpool is my spirit animal and has been since I started reading his comics 9 years ago 🙂 this rating is absolutely amazing and correct!

    • William Young


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