Destiny 2 Teaser Trailer Just Dropped and I Don’t Have Enough Vacation Time

Nah. Nah. This is not how this goes down. Do you know how many vacation days I’ve used in the name of gaming over the last month or so? Do you know what gods I’ve prayed to to never develop tendinitis in these wrists while your boy been on these PS4 sticks something relentless?

So, I’m actually working today fam. I’m actually showing up to the place that gives me a paycheck just so I can go home and spend more money doing the gangsta shit on the sticks we just spoke of. So you can’t be dropping this shit midday fam. Destiny 2 yo. The worst kept secret on the cosmodrome? They finally confirmed this on Monday, on Tuesday, the very day they droppin’ that Age of Triumph, that good narcotic that getting me and my fellow guardians back to the Tower, they gonna drop these teaser trailer? Mid afternoon while I’m neck deep in these TPS reports? PLAY FAIR BUNGIE.

Look, the real reveal trailer drops on 3/30, but this teaser is AYETHANG fam. You know what you do when you want to get your people out to the polls, but you don’t want to reveal too much game yet? You put your best talent in front and let him give you the godflow of voice acting. LET THE TRAVELER USE YOU NATHAN FILLION.

Your boy out here telling his fables Desperado style in the smoking crater of his second favorite bar. Pour me one Cayde-6. I need something to bring me back down cuz the hype got me jumping like I never took the Bones of Eao off, fam (and really, why would you?).

With the Age of Triumph jumping off 3/28/17, don’t forget to check the BNP crew get back in guardian shape on our twitch this week, starting Tuesday around 10pm EST. HERE. FOR IT.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 3.58.24 PM

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