Donald Glover For Lando Calrissian: We All Want Childish Gam-Lando, Right?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard the news. Donald Glover has been cast as a young Lando Calrissian in Han’s Solo-Dolo movie. Kinda.

Despite the clickbait titles claiming casting surety, Childish Gambino hasn’t confirmed rumors he’ll be playing the prequel version of Billy Dee “smoothest mutha f*cka on the planet” Williams. The internet’s first choice for Miles Morales, and y’all need to stop because he is too grown to play Miles, finds himself as the perfect Lando Calrissian for directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Before we get too hype, there’s no official offer on the table. Donald Glover leaving Atlanta for Cloud City remains pure speculation. But y’all know all we need is the slightest hint of the future. So let’s roll with this one.

Here is your Lando

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Disney already has Glover for Spider-Man: Homecoming so it wouldn’t be difficult to shuffle him over to another of their franchises. Let him go from wrangling a hard-headed artist who’s ’bout that life into traipsing through a galaxy far, far away. Glover’s transition from the TV series Atlanta to the Han Solo “ain’t no Skywalkers here” movie would parallel Billy Dee “panties I catch is always fresh” Williams’ from Lady Sings the Blues to The Empire Strikes Back. Honestly, I can see Glover glo-ing up to be Billy Dee “man that’s gon be your kids’ new stepdaddy.” Glover’s the baby Pokemon form. Just play him any Twitter track by Anthony Hamilton and The Hamiltones and voila! Insta-swag evolution. Can you picture it? Now you can. You’re welcome.

But can Alden Ehrenreich (also the directors’ first choice and already cast and confirmed) be the Han Solo that teaches Lando everything he knows? If you watched the same Star Wars Episode 5 that I did, then you’ve gotta agree that Lando’s charm levels beat Han’s. His lack of recklessness kept him from being as cool as Solo but still. Lando woulda been pulling them digits. Put Ehrenreich, of Beautiful Creatures, next to Childish Gambino and who would you say is the student. Can we really see Donald “Baby Dee S’Williams” Glover playing Kevin James to Ehrenreich’s Hutch? I’ll be happy to be wrong, though, and I’m hoping I will be.

Here is your Han

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Uh…you know what… Let me just see how this plays out before I say anymore. I officially plead the 5th pending the release of a trailer.

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