Fantastic Four #2 Review

Fantastic Four #2 Cover

Writer: Dan Slott / Artist: Sara Pichelli / Marvel Comics

Issue #2 starts out much like the first did for Ben and Johnny, taking us through what life is like for Reed, Sue and the rest of the Future Foundation road-tripping through the multiverse. The second half introduces what appears to be the main foe for the story arc.

The Fantastic Four Family
Not this red guy, though, he’s not the bad guy.

This is the Fantastic Four that’s going to bring back old readers and new readers alike. This book embodies what we love about the FF. It’s action but it’s not typical summer blockbuster slugfest action. Before anything else, the FF are adventurers whose best escapades are the ones they survive because of their cunning and familial bond. Slott’s script was equal parts suspenseful, kinetic and heartfelt. The script complimented the first issue’s sitcom-ish feel with plenty of daring-do. Meanwhile, Sara Pichelli is delivering on all the feels of Slott’s script. This is the crossover between emotional and bizarre that I was hoping we’d see.

The first half of the comic almost comes across as candid photos of a very weird family trip, which is what a FF book should pretty much always be shooting for. The second half gets appropriately superhero-y, but ultimately, it’s a superhero book so that’s fine. If there’s a Final Panel award out there somewhere, this book’s final panel should absolutely have its name in the hat.

Bottom Line: Only two issues in and Dan Slott is already on point to have the standard bearing Fantastic Four book Marvel deserves. Every page feels like the homecoming Marvel’s First Family deserves. Absolutely worth the four bucks. If creators took tips, I’d buy this book twice and then throw something in the hat for Slott and Pichelli.

9 Failed Reboots out of 10

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