Fantastic Four #25 Review

Writer: Dan Slott / Artist: R.B. Silva / Marvel Comics

If you were thinking of picking up the Fantastic Four series after the Empyre event, I have good news. Fantastic Four #25 is a great jumping-on point for readers who want to get right into the team’s latest adventures right away without feeling the need to read the last 24 issues. I still recommend going through those issues if you have the time, but this is such a good entry for newcomers that it might as well be a new number one.

After the events of Empyre, the Fantastic Four are back to business as usual. For any other family, that means something entirely normal. However, the FF does things a bit differently and anything resembling normal doesn’t last long. In fact, it means that some grand cosmic threat not of this reality comes to kick down your door and demolish your house just to find out if Reed’s secret lockbox has anything worth taking.

Once again, I remain impressed with Dan Slott’s writing in this series. He manages to find a nice balance between the team’s family relationship dynamics and the high concepts of the cosmic adventures that they face. The family drama is an especially interesting aspect of this book to see. Johnny trying to connect to Franklin, Franklin embracing his mutant side and coming to terms with his diminishing powers, and Ben and Alicia adjusting to parenthood as they adopt the Kree/Skrull kids are all fun to watch. 

Those threads carry over from previous issues, but this issue doesn’t make them hard to understand. There’s a lot more going on with the family than that, and it’s all interwoven between some good comedic moments and off the walls action. Action that is, for the lack of a better term and I’m truly sorry about this, fantastic. R.B. Silva’s artwork is so damn clean and fully captures the grand scale of everything happening. On a personal note, I especially love Valeria’s cute new haircut. I hope Silva stays on for a while as this series is going in a very intriguing direction.

9.5 Crushed Baxter Buildings out of 10

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