Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 Review

Well ladies and gentleman, the time has finally come: Five Nights at Freddy’s is back with its third installment. Since it was released I played it a few times and here’s what I’ve gathered.


The Story

When you start the game up, you get a message from a skater dude wanna-be who tells you all about your new job. The game takes place 30 years after the first Five Nights at Freddy’s, after most people have forgotten about the fake Chuck-E-Cheese and their creepy animatronics. The people that loved the story decided to make a horror attraction based on the legend. They tried to find the animatronics for their attraction but couldn’t find much, and that’s why you’re here. Your employer tells you that you will play as the security guard to scare the visitors. However, you don’t get this role. For some reason, you’re stationed in the attraction facilities before it’s opened to the public. Honestly, there’s no reason why you need to stay there from night to day for 5 nights. It seems very unnecessary. The weirdest thing about the first night is, once you finish listening to the voice message by your employer, the night is finished. You don’t get to play around with the controls or experience anything weird. Not until the second night — that’s when things get real. Your employer finds instructional tapes from the original Freddy Fazbear locations. He plays theses tapes for you and they kind of help tell the story.


This Game Makes No Sense

After playing the game for a while, I’m not exactly sure how it works. So there are cameras, and you can see what’s going on in each room. The map toggle feature shows you the ventilation shafts. If you see an animatronic in a room, you can choose the play audio feature, and a child’s laugh will play which will fight against the animatronic. If the animatronic is in a vent, you can shut it down. I’m pretty sure there are different ways of playing, but this is how I’m doing it. Sometimes your audio, video, or ventilation can stop working. If the ventilation system stops working, the oxygen in the room will cut off, and you start to experience jump-scare hallucinations. These hallucinations are of the old animatronics that were in the previous games. If they jump out at you, they don’t kill you, since they’re not real. These jump scares aren’t even scary, smh. They happen too often and it starts to feel cheap. But wait! How is this an open attraction if the place runs out of oxygen all the time? Is that part of the show? I think I’ll pass. If your system fails you can reboot it, but it takes a while. During this period, you can’t view the cameras. With all of that going on, I’m still confused as to what my job really is. I don’t really know why he/she is here. I don’t even know how to fully defend myself from the “monsters”.


The Verdict

Overall, I have mixed feelings about this game. It feels like the developer had a lot of great ideas for this game but it doesn’t really help tell the story. It doesn’t tell you much about defending yourself either. The game can become very frustrating at times. I have a strong love for horror games and I enjoy the unknown and stuff but FNAF 3 is just too stressful and doesn’t give a scary experience. Honestly, it’s more of a strategy game with a horror theme. Now, some parts are pretty good — there’s this window in front of you that shows an animatronic that will sometimes stare at you, and all you can do is stare back. That’s all I like about this game. There are just too many unexplained features and it feels like too much.

Rating: 4.5/10

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