Flash #38 Review

writers: Robert Venditti & Van Jensen / artist: Brett Booth / DC Comics

Opening to the scene of hundreds of body bags in a warehouse, mostly put there by the hands of different super villains, Flash #38 shows just how dark the world of the usually easygoing Barry Allen can truly be.

At this point in the series, the Barry Allen that we’ve come to know has gotten sucked into the Speed Force, a place where time doesn’t exist and neither does his super speed. But do you know what does? “Robots, Dinosaurs… and Robot-Dionsaurs.” His main help getting back to his own dimension is an intelligent survival specialist named Selkirk, an explorer that got sucked into the Speed Force himself.

Meanwhile, back in Barry’s home reality, we see the future version of himself working to pick up where present-day Barry left off and prevent what would go on to be some of his biggest regrets. Bitter and jaded from his past experiences, “Future Flash” crosses lines that no one in Central City thought they would see.


The ball is in the court of “Future Barry” as he tries to prevent whatever horrible things he experienced from happening. But it’s sure to blow up in his face somehow and completely backfire. The thing that I give the Flash credit for is being original and constantly creative in their use of time/dimensional travel. I’m looking forward to their fluid explanations of why “Future Barry”‘s plans won’t work. I’m also hoping that we find a way to get more of Selkirk in the future. We could use a man like him in the DC universe.


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