There is Style and Substance in Kid Lit Book: ‘Fresh Princess’

Destiny is fresh. Destiny is strong. Destiny is fly. Destiny is brave. Destiny is the main character of Denene Millner’s new children’s book titled, Fresh Princess. Yes, like that Fresh Prince of Bel-Air everyone knows and loves, but this book right here my literary aficionados? This one caters to young black girl magic readers and bedtime story listeners out there. This one is for the Philly youth.

Fresh Princess

Dont get it twisted though, this book is not just for black girls or people of color; it transcends any one general audience. This book teaches kids about perseverance and getting back up after you’ve fallen. This book is about showing kids how to have confidence, despite your shortfalls. Fresh Princess details ways for young boys and girls to deal with emotions, like the ones you feel when you have to move to a new city, make new friends and fit in. And the read goes far beyond saying “you’ll be sad moving to a new place, but it’ll be ok in the end.”

Fresh Princess dives into the idea of joy and how, sometimes, it doesn’t always come easy. How sometimes, you’re allowed to be down because of something going on in your life. At the same time, there is no glorification of gloom or depression. Destiny is pushed to be optimistic and find ways to look at the brighter side of things. Not only that, but the young lady learns how to employ coping mechanisms! If you haven’t gotten the picture yet, this children’s book is absolutely outstanding in every way and needs to be on the bookshelves of millions of homes ASAP.

Fresh Princess
Will Smith and author Denene Millner open up about their new project, “Fresh Princess,” in an interview with “GMA.”

Author Denene Millner does an excellent job of taking this Fresh adaptation and making it kid-friendly without sacrificing any of the quality. The artwork is so rich and vibrant. I love that artist Gladys Jose, injects so many words of encouragement, black heroes, messages of strength and powerful images into the nooks and crannies of each page. They are fantastic yet subtle motivators for growing girls of color and should serve as images of aspiration for all young readers. Will Smith has helped bring to life a children’s book that serves as the perfect birthday, Christmas or back to school present for girls all over the country.

I truly hope Fresh Princess takes off and helps all little seedlings out there take root so they can blossom into something special one day.

See more about the book, check out some printable activities for your little one and order your copy via the Harper Collins website here.

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