‘Future State: Suicide Squad #1:’ Brains Go Boom

Writers: Robbie Thompson and Jeremy Adams / Artists: Javier Fernandez and Fernando Pasarin / DC Comics

Future State: Suicide Squad has a bunch of criminals masquerading as the Justice League in an attempt to do Amanda Waller’s bidding with little to no pushback. 

The team features Talon as Batman, Hypnotic Woman as Wonder Woman, Fisherman as Aquaman, Bolt as the Flash, Clayface as Martian Manhunter, and Conner Kent as Superman. 

Okay Conner isn’t a criminal. But between the two Supersons, the one we’d all believe could be a part of the Suicide Squad is Conner. My dude is half Luthor after all. 

Waller’s plan is to save the world, not because she thinks it needs saving, but so she could remold it how she sees fit in the aftermath. And having a team dressed like the Justice League is the fastest way for her to get there. 

While the team is completely different from what we’re used to, the essence of the Suicide Squad is still there. Heads blow up if you don’t follow the rules, and the threat of being replaced is always one thumbed button away.

The dynamic that I really enjoyed was the motivation behind each character. They aren’t prisoners who want to get their sentences commuted, they’re criminals who want to live up to the symbols on their chest. At least some of them. Seeing Conner feel burdened by the S within this context wasn’t something I thought I wanted, but now that I’ve seen it, I need more of it expeditiously.

The second story in this oversized issue follows Black Adam who is chilling way into the future in the 853rd century. If you’re bad at math and time is just as confusing to you as it is to me, the 853rd century is a near impossible time period to imagine. Yet, we get 20 or so pages to explore it. The story follows Justice Legion A, a future version of the Justice League, as they take on a group of the universe’s most deadly villains led by the seven deadly sins. The JLA quickly realizes they are no match for this threat, so they seek out Black Adam, who is hanging out in a tranquil garden on the planet Kahndaq. He’s reluctant to join their cause, but he’s soon forced to anyway. 

Aside from the really dope futuristic interpretations of the Justice League, the number one thing that stood out to me about this story was how much Black Adam looked like The Rock. It only makes sense, as he’s going to make his film debut played by The Rock in the next few years, so we’ll likely be seeing more of this as we inch closer to it.

Future State: Suicide Squad proves that no matter when, no matter how, Amanda Waller is gonna put a bomb in some people’s brains.

9 False Heroes out of 10

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