Every time I read an issue of the new Ghost Rider with Robbie Reyes, I find myself yelling out “YALL GOIN LET ROBBIE REYES LIVE SUN!”. This kid man. He is giving me all the life. Felipe Smith’s writing feels like an attorney in court getting right to the point in cross examination. He gives us what we want to know about the spirit possessing Robbie. His name is Eli and he says Robbie and he have a destiny that’s intertwined. Eli offers Robbie power and we really don’t know if Eli saying who/what he is happens to be true or not but Robbie decides to sit shotgun for the ride anyhow.

Felipe really gets me when we see Robbie in his day to day life tho. We see him in school where he is an attentive student and smart. The scenes where he is trying to help his brother out thooo? Where he is being a good ass older brother in a neighborhood that makes Gotham City look like Park Slope? Feliple plays the heart strings so well with his writing there. Not too much. Not too little. It’s perfect and got me over here reading it like

Tradd Moore’s art compliments the writing perfectly. We really get an occult feel with this book. He displays the connection between GR and the car so well in this issue. The art is vibrant, colorful and has me excited with each page turn. Now I gotta get to my favorite part in the book. After we learn how Mr. Hyde is now tryin make west coast connections and is trying to get his drugs back from a gang that stole them. Now said gang is also responsible for stealing Robbie’s whip (that he kinda stole/borrowed/aint really his per say) and then merk’ing the owner before peeling out. When Robbie catches up to them, he delivers one of the most beautiful Knees to the face I have ever seen in fiction. He chucked a dude a good 30 ft in the air for this shit too.

2014-05-16 13.53.08-1

oh my gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd can we talk about how this is probably the most humiliating knee to the face region in the game? Look at dude’s legs!! Look at his legs yo!
I. Was. Dyiiiiiiiiiiin. Robbie Out here making Tony Jaa proud

CM Punk Proud



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