Writer: Van Jensen / Art: Bernard Chang

I’ve been complaining about the direction of Green Lantern for a while now (I have a tat of the symbol, I’m allowed that) but things take a turn for the “oh shit” in the finale of the “Uprising” arc. We learn that one Durlan has escaped capture and has been posing as the person closest to John. Fatality. Geeeeez, John Stewart just can’t catch a break. He must have been hanging out with Peter Parker cause life is just giving it to this guy. The remainder of the issue deals with a durlan that now has the power of the Daximite after consuming a drop-ling / (young) Zezzite.


Chang’s art is good this issue, the best part being that when something drastic happens, the colors switch to red and white, showing how dire the situation is. This was a surprising issue to have as the end, it worked well. There are a more resolutions taken to make sure the Durlans cease being a threat. The big brawl that happens doesn’t have the same feel as Sinestro Corps did (I keep going back to that story line I know, I’m sorry) it felt more like a scrimmage but the twist Jensen served up is the real star here.

Not bad over all. I can already tell I want a resolution as to where the real Fatality is before the next story arc.


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