Green Lantern Corps #34 Review

You know how in GTA you got a bunch of side missions you can complete before getting back to the good ass main story? Green Lantern Corps is straight side mission status man. I know I complain about it all the time (not going stop now) but the emotional investment just isn’t there anymore which is a shame because John Stewart is finally back at the wheel… polishing brass on the Titanic.

We see John back on his search of Yrra. Stewart is getting his full fledged man on fire looking for the woman he loves. Hal Jordan got a Lantern watching over him but ultimately, he knows this is a search Stewart is going to have to complete on his own. Stewart is doing that work to track down where Yrra might be, the best part about the issue is the flash backs that occur as Stewart searches. The real gut wrench is that the Yrra Stewart finds is not the one he has come to know… which dare I say makes this a book a bit more tolerable now with that twist.


Yeap, thats right. The Yrra of old is back and you gonna feel these emotions. I swear John Stewart cannot catch a break man. It seems they’re going to be bringing back that old John Stewart where life turns t shit around him and he keeps losing folks. Damn it man, can’t we just let Yrra and Stewart live as Geoff Johns intended tho?


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