Green Lantern Corps Future’s End #1

W) Van Jensen (A) Igor Lima & Various

Green Lantern Corps is a damn hard read to get through. I often say gone are the days where Peter Tomasi was killing it along side the gawd Geoff Johns. This issue was FINALLY the book we fucking deserve. It’s f-6 years n the future and John Stewart has become a fucking cold calculated killing machine…AND YOU GONNA LOVE IT. My man is out here just merking cats, going back to his sniper routes from his military (retcon) days and it’s sooooo goooooood. John is headed back to Oa and encounters new Green Lantern’s who think he was basically a myth. They talk about John exploits and are in awe of this guy.

Upon returning he needs a new scouter for a mission on Oa this time. I love that Jensen set John up like an acutal two person sniper team, scouter and the shooter. The mission is pretty straight forward, taking down an old member of the corps that joined up with an enemy on Oa. We get a great scene of John launching that camping attack and why he is the real life / video game head shot MVP of all time.


I loved John becoming this cold, “I do what the fuck needs to be done” corps member that he has always really been. The intervention of Indigo-1 in this issue made me sooooo mad. I knew she was going make him feel shit and try and find his humanity and unveil all this emotional journey yada yada and……MAN I WASN’T HEAR FOR ALL THAT. You better stop trying to coddle that boy John Stewart and let that man dump out the roof while listening to some Kendrick Lamar. That was really my only complaint. The art and story were great in this issue, I just really wish we got to keep the new suicide mission taking, “I ain’t talking about my feelings for shit”, John Stewart for longer.


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  • Thekrypton Factor

    Agreed I. Like this new badass John Stewart

  • Thekrypton Factor

    Also really like how his uniform gone all black with just the lantern symbol.

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