Grimm Recap: Map of the Seven Nights

Season 5 / Episode 7 / NBC


Leipzig, Germany: A woman is liquidating the estate of a recently deceased 96-year-old when she discovers a cache of 15 centuries-old leather bound books. She calls her local (Prague) antiques dealer whose ears perk up like a meerkat when she describes them over the phone.

What what now? I’ll be in Prague 5 minutes ago.

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He swoops in, examines the books which are housed in a two hundred year-old trunk, and takes them all while an assortment of suspiciously Grimm-like weapons hang on the wall in the background. Hmmm. 96? Lived alone? No will? Old books filled with drawings of imaginary monsters? Alright now.

Back in Portland: The gang all shows up at Nick and Adalind’s Fome (Fortune meets Home) for… a surprising jovial housewarming party. While Wu and Rosalee fawn over Kelly and Hank gets the wine, Nick shows Monroe the view from the rooftop. Monroe wastes no time asking what’s up between him and Adalind. Nick in a semi-dishonest moment says he doesn’t know; my dude conveniently omits the kiss they shared.

Prague: Two unsavory characters show up at the real estate liquidator’s office looking for the books. Bottom line: she doesn’t have them, they woge, and she dies.

At the antique dealer’s store in Leipzig, the man is overwhelmed by what he finds: more books and a pretty badass triple crossbow, so he calls his nephew in America… Monroe. He says “I know you’re friends with a Grimm because your moms told me. I’ve got books your friend needs to see.” Then he hits him with the emailed pictures of the drawings.

In Portland: When Nick sees the pictures, he wants those books. We gotta remember that Juliette went straight Bernadine on the trailer so he has almost nothing left in terms of a Grimm library.


When Monroe calls his uncle, however, the Wesen that killed the real estate liquidator are there and desperately looking for the books. Seems like Uncle Felix is okay; he and the books appear to be gone. Monroe tells the nice killer/secretary to let Felix know that Monroe called.

Back at the station, Nick fills Hank in on the book situation. How do you put a price on an ancient text that your ancestors died to “research,” compile, and defend? There is no Etsy shop for this kind of shit.

At HW headquarters, Eve is doing no handed push ups, just flexing her hexenbeist prowess when Trubel comes in. For the second time this episode, somebody wants to talk feelings. Seems like Eve is the thing in the room that everybody is worried about; everyone wants to protect Nick from the one person he has loved for 6 seasons. It’d be nice, too, to protect his wee lil Grimm and Adalind, the ex-hexenbeist and body-switcher. Eve isn’t here for anyone’s heart to heart. She’s like “Juliette would’ve killed Nick and you and your little dog, too.” So, that was reassuring.

In Renard’s office, the background Mayoral race is coming to the foreground. The key players (the mayoral candidate, his right hand man, the red head who directed the commercials and bedded Renard, and Renard) are talking about how the election could go either way. The candidate, Dixon, wants to have a nice good clean fight, but everyone else, including Renard, is like “naw.” Renard, in fact, lays out a plan for how to take him down, but Dixon still isn’t interested.

Back at Rosalee and Monroe’s house, Uncle Felix shows up and without any social niceties says, “Call your friend. Now.”

Nick is at the Fome with Adalind talking dead mothers and birthdays (you know, Grimmenbeist seduction) when Monroe calls. He goes, but brings Trubel. I guess you can’t be too cautious when meeting an unknown werewolf. Bad idea. The Uncle is overwhelmed by 2 Grimms and Trubel isn’t able to keep her cool and Nick has to hold her back.

After a quick cool down period, they just marvel at the sample book he brought – with the promise of 19 more. And then Uncle Felix is like,  “$100K. My friend (the real estate liquidator) is dead. I’m not cutting you any better deal.” Then he leaves them to figure out that Nick doesn’t have $100K, but HW might have it. Next thing, Monroe, Nick, and Trubel are at HW like “Meisner, can we get that money?” He goes off to beg for his secret government agency allowance.

Meanwhile, Uncle Felix gets a call at his hotel room to pick up some packages (the remaining books presumably).

Monroe and Rosalee are back at the spice shop, researching the dead 96-year-old Grimm and tracing his lineage to the asscrack of time. So now, they are are fiending for these books. They are about to Kickstart buying those books. They call Nick to tell him, but Nick can’t talk because they get a case.

About that? It’s Uncle Felix.

That was an awkward phone call Nick had to make. The phrase Wesen-on-Wesen was used. Um. Okay. So Monroe, in line with strict police policy shows up at the crime scene and it’s good because he’s able to speak German when Uncle Felix’s cell starts ringing. They figure out that Felix put up a fight so the attackers are hurt. They also figure out that the attackers are the same ones who killed the real estate liquidator which means they’re Black Claw, so HW might have info on them. Most importantly, they realize that Felix didn’t have all of the books with him.

Meanwhile the two Wesen who killed Felix are hurt pretty bad. They call 911 to what looks like an underpass and promptly kill them. Seems like a bad plan, but okay.

At HW, Meisner and Eve identify the two attackers just as Hank calls to let Nick know about the murder of the EMTs. So Nick is working the Wesen angle while Hank works the official human homicide angle.

Wu pulls the call info from Felix’s phone and gives Nick the name and location of the shipping company that Felix used for the books. Since they didn’t find the shipping slip in the hotel room, they know that the two Wesen have it.  Nick and Monroe head over.

The Wesen are inside the closed shipping facility (with the corpse of the security guard they dispatched with) looking for the books, when Monroe shows up looking for revenge in the name of family.  Then Monroe, the vegan, goes to town on dude’s throat before he and Nick walk out of the building with the trunk.

At the spice shop, the whole gang is unpacking the trunk like kids in a candy shop. There are books of Wesens. Weapons. Then, while Monroe tinkers with the lock on the trunk stating that it’s “bigger than it needs to be,” they find a Grimm family history book. And it’s up-to-date; Nick’s family (and his name!) is in it.


Before they can find Trubel’s lineage, Monroe finds another (three!) keys in a secret compartment near the lock, bringing the grand total to 5 (still missing 2). Altogether, they figure out the location where the mystery treasure is buried: The Black Forest. #fieldtrip.

So what’s up with the Mayoral race? Is Renard about to play dirty politics? Why does everyone want to pass a note to Nick and/or Adalind about they feelings? Why does going into the center of Wesenville seem like a good idea?

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