Hawkeye vs Deadpool #0

Gerry Duggan and Mateo Lolli bring us the limited series we been waiting for since ever. Clint Barton and Wade Wilson aka Hawkeye and Deadpool people!!! I been looking forward to this for a while because this is two great characters joining forces again. Clint has been having a good year (when Fraction is on schedule) and Deadpool has been building a lot more momentum (from cult classic to becoming a mainstream addition) this is the team up we need, ESPECIALLY after the A+X team up they had. (Duggan said they wouldn’t have the same chemistry as they did in A+X which to me is a God damn shame. It was good to see a fellow hero take Wade seriously and not as an annoying tag along which what made that team up beyond good.)

We start off with Halloween at the Barton residence with Wade visiting with his daughter along with other residents in the house for Trick or treating. Before that we were introduced to a kid doing some sketchy shit and in need of some assistance. After some funny altercations with Deadpool and the rest of the cast {as well as a great ASL splash showing that Clint is still deaf (partially?)} we get this kid running into Clint and getting denied help. This is what spins off our adventure as the kids death moments later sets off a chain of events that entangle Clint and Deadpool.


This issue was a great preview of whats to come. Despite the chemistry going back to the typical hero teaming with wade and seeing him as just a bumbling idiot that helps out by some sheer luck (When is Wade going to have to stop proving how bad ass he is?) it was still a good read for the dialogue alone. The art is drawn very well and the plot is set up to keep us captivated for the run right off the bat. Shit, I’m even hoping for a Hawkeye and Deadpool spin off to be honest cause that would be greatness.

oh aaaaaand here is the classic hero vs hero fight thats bound to happen in ever team up in case you were interested

I’ve got faith that Duggan is going to deliver for us.


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