Hawkeye vs Deadpool #3 Review

Writers: Gerry Duggan
Artists: Matteo Lolli & Jacopo Camagni

On everything I reblog on Tumblr, this has to be the book with the most fun jammed into it that Marvel has on the shelves. Clint and Wade not only go so well together, but throw Kate Bishop into the mix and you got a fucking sitcom. This issue revolves more around Kate Bishop and Deadpool working together to stop a mind controlled Clint Barton from delviering the usb drive they’ve all been after. The culmination of this issue is best surmised as Kate Bishop retorts to Deadpool stating how Clint being brainwashed won’t know he took them both out, to which Kate Bishop realizes (oh god Deadpool is growing on me) as she replies, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. He never took us out”. It’s that specific type of humor between each character that Gerry Duggan does an excellent job of capturing.

Lolli & Camagni give us the most hilarious action paced chase scene, from on foot, to bicycle, to Ooper car chase. They got Kate Bishop dumping arrow out the god damn sun roof like a bawse ass chick man, come the fuck on.


Wade is taking point as leader for the second part of this mission, which is good to remind us that he is a not the incompetent anti-hero he is usually made out to be. Bishop follows through with Wade’s plan, meets his arms dealer and get to shoot a bazooka as she waits for Wade to come in high. The best part about Deadpool is how he will set up an elaborate plan that somehow always calculates him getting something off panel for said plan that was foreshadowed however many issues ago. I love when the writers do that shit with Deadpool because it’s just so him and entertaining to watch.


I love this limited series so much that i really don’t want to see it end. We been needing a duo team up book in the game to take the place of Cable & Deadpool and I’m trying to tell yall this is the book to do it. These are the characters for the job.


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