Hit-Girl #3 Review

Writer: Mark Millar / Artist: Ricardo Lopez Ortiz / Image Comic

Mark Millar throws us back into Issue #3 and this Colombian world of chaos headfirst and things are only getting worse, fam. Everybody’s favorite little brother, Jorge, is just inches away from his get-down or lay moment with the District Attorney. Hit-Girl has a roller coaster ride of triumphs and defeats. We see her on top of her game like Squirrel Girl fighting against anybody, but also hit an Apokolips X-Pit low that Mr. Miracle would have trouble escaping from.

This one starts off with ‘Let the Bodies Hit the Floor’ playing in my head as civilians, thugs and reporters alike bear witness to Mindy’s latest Unreal Tournament killing spree. Hit-Girl and Mano are on their gangsta rampage, offing every poor Chapo wannabe on the hit list, but there’s a feeling something between them is about to change. As soon as we see these two interacting in their hideout, talking about loyalty, the feeling in the air begins to shift. As both of our anti-heroes call out the other for their blind faith in a “violent patriarch with a borderline personality disorder”,you know it’s all about to go to shit. On top of all that we have Hit-Girl’s backup, Senora, waiting in the wings at all times. She’s eager to enact her vengeance and the stakes could not be higher.

I’ve gone in at length at how glorious the gory aspects of this Hit-Girl comic is, but I haven’t really dug into some of the details that make Ricardo Lopez Ortiz’s work so damn phenomenal. He gives us great depictions and rich textures of the hoods, streets and tunnels of Colombia. The scars and expressions on the faces that so many of these characters are exquisitely drawn, while Sunny Gho does a beast job of coloring in each shade of red, black and brown properly.

9.5 Flesh Eating Bombs out of 10

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