Writer: Mariko Tamaki / Artist: Nico Leon / Marvel Comics

You can never say Jennifer Walters isn’t going through it. Tamaki has us looking back to when Jen found herself going through her first transformation into the Grey Hulk, post learning of Bruce Banner’s death and even having seen his ghost (as well as his death all over again). We come back to present day and Jennifer is literally running for her life from this monster in the apartment complex of her client. Former client? What’s the retainer fee for a lawyer when your client has you fighting a monster?

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 7.21.56 PM

All the tenants of the building have been relying on this large ass monster as their muscle in this world that has gone to complete shit. Lack of hope is a huge drive for that, and Jen can understand that entirely. These tenants ain’t about any understanding life ’cause they try to merk Jen for her shortcomings in helping them from the shitty slum lord. The telling thing here is how Jen’s change into the Hulk is different now. It isn’t as easy for her now when she actually wants to change, there’s a different emotion that triggers it, or perhaps understanding or mentality would be better words.

Nico Leon is doing great art-wise with drawings of the tenants and the monsters our hero is facing. The last page serves as a great preview to his depiction how this Hulk inside Walters will come to fruition. The pacing has been really slow with this series, as we are now five issues in and have yet to get Walters finally going into her Hulk mode.

The pacing is very Fargo with its slow build, so I feel as if I am watching a unique Netflix show unwind episode by episode that focuses more on Walters, but we haven’t seen her in the same detailed coping of her trauma (via the cooking shows) as that we saw in the first issue. I’m hopeful that once we finally get the unveiling of this new Hulk we’re going to see an entirely different mental state for Jennifer Walters that would shake up the pacing of this series.

8.3 “Change Gon’ Come” Sam Cook Hooks out of 10

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