Immortal Hulk #45 Review

Writer: Al Ewing / Artist: Joe Bennett / Marvel

Tough times for the jade giant. Watching the big guy take an ass beating in the last issue of Immortal Hulk was hard to see. He’s gone through a bit of a rough patch lately and the U-Foes taking turns to beat him down to the bone doesn’t help. However, a busy Immortal Hulk #45 shows us that you can’t keep a good Hulk down too long. 

Al Ewing has a habit of keeping us on our toes with this series. He’s completely revamped the Hulk’s world and all the gamma-related characters within it. You never know what’s coming next, and there is always a pleasant surprise around every corner. Last, we left off with the Hulk’s defeat and death. Now, we see him and Joe Fixit back in Gamma hell. Meanwhile, the others are busy dealing with the messed-up amalgamation of Rick Jones’ body.

This issue feels more like a transition period before we get to the real meat of the story. What’s good is that every character gets the appropriate attention they deserve within the story. From Fix and OG Hulk’s time in Gamma Hell to McGee’s new powers and Samson’s body swap. There are always a lot of moving pieces, but it’s fascinating to keep up with these characters, their side stories, and watching them all connect later on. 

As always, it’s the artwork of Joe Bennett that makes an issue like this really shine. The best part is that he seems to be on fire this week, with nearly every page and panel feeling like a highlight. The creativity on the page is striking, and the body horror never feels the same with every new image pushing the limits of what is possible with how Bennett can twist and warp these characters.

Once again, it’s a busy issue. No one character takes the spotlight, but that’s not much of a problem. The end of this issue is intriguing and as always, with every revelation, Ewing’s story brings more questions than answers.

8 Smells of NYC out of 10

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