Infinity Gauntlet #1 Review

writer: Dustin Weaver & Gerry Duggan / artist: Dustin Weaver/ Marvel Comics

Listen, I’ve been excited for this title since I saw the art work for the characters. I didn’t know what to expect going into this except for the fact that this was a family having to survive. Little did I know Marvel got a black fam out here just trying to survive while the world has gone Mad Max meets Starship troopers. The opening of this issue deals with the Anwen (the eldest daughter) remembering the world how it use to be. Weaver and Duggan do an incredible job with this as the captions have the background of loose leef note book paper. Visually it truly sells the feel of the world having gone to shit as well as a believable mechanism that Anwen uses to keep track of her thoughts/days.

We’re introduced to the rest of the family Menzin who is the father of Anwen and Fayne and the son-In-Law of Old Man /Gramps (Father to Menzin’s wife), they also have a dog named Zigzag (I love how everyone doesn’t have the typical western names). I know it’s a post apocalyptic setting and this family is on the run but the rugged cute factor of them all together? It’s a bit overwhelming.


Anwen as well as the rest of their family has to deal with the fact of surviving and knowing that their mother joined the Nova Corps and hasn’t been heard from since. It’s a bit of a sore subject as thoughts on whether she is alive or not cause a rift between family members. The dialogue that Weaver and Duggan have going on is perfect, it reads incredibly well especially once the danger comes into effect. I found myself turning the pages with anticipation wondering what was going to happen once the action got underway.

Weaver is the perfect artist for this issue. His style looks really rough and unforgiving with how the world is detailed and the way the characters interact with it. It makes you feel uneasy (in a great way) reading through it as it looks like danger could come from anywhere, especially when he depicts the family getting into survival mode.


Notice the loose leaf caption as we see Anwen teeing off! This my shit for real. We got a Black girl unleashing all her magic when that survival mode comes in to play. Weaver has her moving through this jagged post apocalyptic jungle with such rough grace that it becomes engulfing to watch. Anwen shines in this issue but so do the rest of her family memebers. You gotta pick this book up and watch them all maneuver from these giant bugs trying to merk them.

I had massive amounts of fun reading this book and I am so glad that the first issue started off as strong as it did with the direction it took as well. I’m invested. Duggan and Weaver are crazy for this collaboration and I can’t wait to see what issue two hits the shelves with.

Get. This. Book. Y’all.

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