Infinity Gauntlet #3 Review

Writers: Dustin Weaver and Gerry Duggan / Artist: Dustin Weaver / Marvel Comics

This issue was rather open and cut. We see Thanos having to use a different approach in gathering the Infinity Gems. We know he has been defeated countless times, however now see that he will attempt to (literally) kill the Bakian Nova Corps family with kindness. Weaver and Duggan do a great job of Thanos being generous and doing all the things that would garner trust among the family. We see how great he is at reading people, but this could also be due to the time he has spent fighting the family prior as well. I found myself laughing at how disgusted and fed up Thanos got with everyone, and just thinking about how he would kill each of them made me feel like I was in a break room with annoying, disgruntled coworkers.


Weaver doesn’t fail on giving this book the dreary look of an apocalyptic world with key moments of bright colors in regards to suits and powers being displayed that provide a contrast to all the grayish like terrain. His art makes the book very vibrant. We also see Star Lord and Gamora come into the fold as the group meets up with them. We get a look at Drax earlier on in the book, and his outfit will make you say, “WHAT ARE THOOOOOOSE?” This is a good gathering of a group of people each with their own motives. Part of me wishes it was still just focusing on the Bakian family, but adding more characters offers multiple routes in the way the plot can go.

This issue is pretty good in regards to the character development. Thanos having to alter himself so much into this double agent is the most entertaining part of this issue. The book is still one of the best moments Marvel has given us.

8.7 out of 10


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