Infinity Gauntlet #4 Review

Writer: Gerry Duggan, Dustin Weaver / Artist: Dustin Weaver / Marvel Comics

Yo, straight up and down, Eve is only here for the hard shit. When we last left the crew they had 4 of the Infinity stones. The quest for the others leads them to a city under the protection of Adam Warlock, who is using the Soul gem to ward off bugs and keep the city in peace. Bruh… Bruh… BRUUUH! That didn’t mean jack to Eve. If this was the first issue you read you’d think the writing toward the action was abrupt, but knowing Eve from the second issue to now? It’s on point. Eve straight up runs up on Adam Warlock on some goon shit, basically quoting Vince Staples and saying, “Fuck ya dead homies, run ya bread, homie.” The bread being the Soul infinity stone.

Weaver and Duggan do a great job having Eve square off against Adam, but we also see her leaving the rest of her family to fend for themselves as she takes care of the bigger threat at hand. We see the daughters having to figure out how to work together as a unit (THEY GOT SO BUCK WITH IT! FAYNE OUT HERE CURSING IN BATTLE AND GET HARDENED, YO), Menzin showing he is a pacifist that will knuck because he can indeed buck.

The art is great, per usual. Weaver gets so visceral in the details. You feel like you are dead center in the post-apocalyptic setting. Don’t even get me started when they had Eve power up and unlock the fucking mech Gundam level of the Infinity Gauntlet! DON’T YOU GET ME STARTED ON THAT SHIT!

I love this series, from the visuals to the plot. Anwen struggles with notion of family being a weakness this issue (as told to her by Thanos) which is great for the character build. We see a lot of characters appearing as the giant fight is all encompassing. There is one huge part that felt rushed when Thanos joins in — the moment happens suddenly and rather matter-of-factly — but that would have to be my only complaint thus far for the entire series. It’s still a great issue to read.

9.1 gems on the gauntlet out of 10

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