Invisible Woman #3 Review

Writer: Mark Waid // Artist: Mattia De Iulis // MARVEL

For The Love of Force Fields

When your life is based on cultivating falsehoods and different identities, it’s hard to be protected by loved ones. Sue Richards stretches her shield to try and save Aidan’s wife. Unaware he even had a family, fellow spy and BBR (Bad Bish in Residence) reminded Sue what this life really about. Can’t be out here telling folks your origin story when there are other spies like you that can use it against you. But when the force field comes down and multiple truths are revealed, Sue has to keep her guard up on multiple fronts. Whether it is emotional guards or force fields to save her own life, in this issue we see the Invisible Woman prepared for anything coming to stab her in the back.

What Doesn’t Kill You..Makes You a Skeptic

What I loved about this issue of Invisible Woman is that we see Sue’s true flexibility. She used her smarts to overcome issues in a hunch. At times this made me nod when I sifted through the panels. On one hand I enjoyed seeing her triumph in spite of her vulnerability, it gave the comic personality. On the other hand, there were some trivial moments I thought could have been more depth. How does the unknown effect the way the Invisible Woman use her powers? There is more to a mystery than just being “prepared for everything”. What started happening became predictable. This was a perfect time to reveal how vulnerability has an affect on the psyche. We got to see quick wit versus focused which is beautiful on one end, but I feel like there is a story meant to be explored that kind of felt rushed.

The comic is filled with exciting twists, the art to text play is something that I see is being dabbled with. I would love to see that being explored more. If the creative team could find a way to reflect the emotions Sue is feeling within the art display as a form of “reveal” it would be a sight to see. Almost like a hidden treasure, very much like The Invisible Woman.

8.1 Boxes of Invisible Hair Dye out of 10

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