Jane The Virgin Recap: Chapter Eighty One

WARNING SPOILER ALERT. I know this is a recap so a spoiler alert may not seem necessary to you, but this episode had the most epic reveal it has ever had, so if you want to experience it first hand- make sure you watch the show and then come back to this. So let’s begin…

Xo + Rogelio + Baby
We are at the Delavega household as Jane is planning a surprise party for Alba after her citizen swear in ceremony. The family plan is going well, pan out and River Fields is there too?

Apparently, she is spending time together with Rogelio in order to play spouses on screen – ugh. Literally at the house being like “thank you for having such a famous person stay at your house.”

Rogelio is over her. She is always around inserting herself into every conversation with incorrect information – the entitlement is exhausting enough! But then you think a little bit of his own medicine for him. Not the same of course, white lady entitlement is a different breed, but Rogelio’s ego is something else. River is doing too much.

Xiomara feels for River – she’s lonely after having been divorced four times. She might just like being around family.

Xiomara keeps calling Alba “Abla” and Rogelio flips out because he just wants her to respect his family. I mean she did write “Abla” on the cake. She finally understands and feels like she’s getting an idea of the type of person he is. It’s going to be a journey for this American Passions of Steve.

Alba + Jorge again?
Alba celebrated her citizenship and she looked so cute when she’s excited! Seeing her younger (editor note: unsure of who is supposed to be here) along with her husband vowing to become citizens had inspired her to do the same and she really did it!

When Rafael and Jane announce that they were moving in together, she was expecting Rafael and Jane to get engaged, not have an apartment. Her excitement was less than joyous.

While Jane and the rest of the the family are contemplating inviting Jorge to the surprise party since they are just friends now. Seems a bit awkward. Alba brings up the party Jorge is planning for her after the ceremony. It would seem like they are fast friends after such a dramatic end.

Apparently, it’s more of a toast with co-workers. Jane asks him to cancel and formally invites him to the party. That was nice.

Then Alba is sworn in, YAY!
Before heading to the house for the surprise party, Alba ruins the surprise for herself. She demands to know why she can’t go check on Jorge since he’s sick. Jane has to spill the beans to get her to get on the bus. She gets excited about a surprise party and gets on the bus. Even though it’s not a surprise, Alba is a great actress when it comes to pretending to not know.

At her ceremony, Alba gives a beautiful speech and Jorge looks so solemn.

He talks with Alba afterwards and says his mother is sick and he can’t go back to Mexico to see her because he’s undocumented and might not be able to return.

Later, Alba proposes to Jorge! She says it’s a platonic marriage so he can go see his mother.

Jane marries them right then and there and they have to make it look real so they decorate the place like a wedding. It looks believable, especially that kiss.

Petra + Lawyer Jane
I think Petra killed Aneshka, yea I’m starting like that.

They start off waking up and Lawyer Jane is stressing about finding new work and not being able to afford her apartment then Petra says, “Do you wanna move in here?” Wow Petra, pump the breaks.

Then Lawyer Jane says “I think I’m in love with you.” I feel like we are moving so fast.
Petra loves her too – Rafael says “Let yourself be happy.” Which leads me to think they are gonna move in together.
Lawyer Jane then says, “Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.” I had a feeling that Petra was freaking out then. She probably had thoughts like ‘she knows I murdered Aneshka!’ She states that she doesn’t want to go to the party for Alba with Jane, I’m like what about not liking kids? – Then we see her babysitting the twins. This relationship is serious.

But the twins were having a fashion show wearing Petra’s shoes – then Elsa or Anna falls because the heel is broken on her mom’s shoe! The same shoe Petra said was not broken during the murder. It’s so sad, but I expected it.

Petra admits it – she was filled with rage when Aneshka threatens she is going to hurt her kids. Lawyer Jane risked everything for her believing she was innocent – she is definitely over.

Earlier in the episode, everyone found out that Krishna turned herself in seemed to just brush it off. You know what that means, something much worse is to come.

Krishna calls Lawyer Jane from jail warning her that someone is trying to kill Petra. She tells her that she is not the real blackmailer, that she herself was being blackmailed and couldn’t say much or else her family would be hurt. Throughout the episode, Petra’s window was kept open and she was telling Lawyer Jane not to leave the window open. After their big fight, Lawyer Jane gets the call, she rushes to go save Petra (awww she does love her). Then a shadowy figure is pointing a gun at Petra and she says,“It’s you” and then braces for death basically. Lawyer Jane makes just in time and you hear a gunshot and I’m like NO! Laywer Jane is dead.Nope, Lawyer Jane shot that person.

To be honest, I think it’s Luisa. I think she was lying about being all good up in the woods in east bum whatever and is actually pissed that Petra left her in a mental institution even though she knew she did not need to be there. I think she is tired of being manipulated. Well, we’ll see I guess.

Rafael the average realtor now is selling a house and wants Jane to come check out the first listing he is selling. Surprise they are the buyers! So they signed a lease on the house and everything

When Alba is not so enthused – Rafael says “I wish you hadn’t said that, because I am going to propose!” He wanted to ask their blessing and gets a unanimous vote to pop the question and he is going to do it over dinner.

While seeing Petra at the Marbella giving her some relationship advice. A passerby in the lobby whispers in his ear “See Rose now” She got people on the outside OMG!! Of course she does, but so slick and creepy.
He goes to Sinrostro (Rose) and he’s like “I don’t care who my parents are, I’m not telling you where Luisa is.” Then she looks real serious like, “I have this info that you NEED to know, all you need to do is tell me where Luisa is.”

Cut to Jane is walking up to the apartment ready to get engaged and opens the door. Blam he looks like crap, bags under his eyes, looking ghostly with a bottle half done of whiskey. He looks at her tells her it’s not a good time and she should leave, and she’s like was it something Rose said and he screams on her like, I feel like I’ve never seen him be like this. She leaves and then come back like NAW we are in a relationship, I’m staying.

The rest of the time he is so cold, she tries to comfort him and he doesn’t say anything and then just starts kissing her and they have sex. In the morning he’s like business as usual he’s like oh I’ll do this and that so you can prepare for the party.
Something happened, something real bad happened.
He found out about his parents and maybe they are murderers too idk
Is seems bad – and he didn’t say
He’s just being a jerk.

Jane + Everything
In planning Alba’s party when she needs to speak with Jorge about cancelling his party, Jane realizes something. Jorge says he will make the excuse that he is sick and to cancel the party. Alba noted that one of her bingo partners was sick when she offered to watch Mateo when the sitter cancelled and urged her to go to dinner with Rafael. I feel like right then and there she knew, since Jane doesn’t like surprises, she is super excited that she figured it out beforehand.

When it comes time to get proposed to, it is quite a shock to see Mateo like this, even more so how he shouts for her to leave. I am proud of her she stands her ground and doesn’t leave, she’s like we are in a relationship now and she can’t just leave when he is going through something – but he is terrible.

They passionately have sex that night, which seems like a way to feel better for him, maybe even forget something horrible he needs to do. When he moves on like nothing happened, it makes me feel like – should she marry someone who is going to keep secrets and what not?

Jane is in charge of getting Alba to the party and they when Alba refuses to move until Jane explains what is going on – Mateo gets on the bus and the bus leaves without them!
She runs down the bus of course and everything is okay. They are all on the bus safe and sound. She calls Rafael freaking out because she thought about the time in the hospital when Mateo was kidnapped. Rafael is really not sympathetic, he’s like well that is not this time you’re fine. She has to suck it up and be like you’re right everyone is safe, I’ll see you at the party.
He’s like I’m gonna be late to the party cuz he had to do some things.

In reality I totally thought that Rafael found out he was her brother!! Like Sinrostro told him his real father is Rogelio. He assured us he is not her brother

While at the party after Alba’s beautiful speech it was like something clicked in Jane’s head about all her writings. She took out all her manuscripts and starting piecing them together. How perfect blending all of her ideas into the perfect book – literally cannot wait!!

Later at the end of the party, Jane tells Rafael no matter what news Sinrostro told him – she will love him forever. Rafael looked like he had a little bit of color back in his face and said, I need to do something meet me at home after the party.

This is it. He is going to propose, let me stop. I in no way felt like he was going to propose, if I know this show well enough – that thing they introduce that should happen which would complete the show with a nice little bow never happens. Rafael is just gonna tell her what Sinrostro said.

Then the wow factor off the show happened – Sinrostro told Rafael is that MICHAEL IS ALIVE!

What in all creation is going on? He’s been dead for over 3 years. I mean I had thought for a while, maybe he isn’t really dead, maybe he is deep undercover, but as time went on I was like, this man is really dead. My co-worker kept the faith, telling me at work that – nope he’s alive, I’m like no – we gotta move on. Then this man just turns around with a beard like – alive and well. What if it’s his twin – it could be his twin. If is it not his twin – what the hell? I’m watching this with my mom and she’s like, she shouldn’t get back with him, letting her believe he was dead for 3 years and no hint that he’s okay and just doing some secret mission or something. I kind of agree… this is going to be out of control people. They should just all three get married, polyamory is a thing, let them try it, cuz I cannot go back to choosing….

We’ll start the wild journey to resolving this, check us next time on Jane the Ex Widower

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