Justice League #45 Review

Writer: Robert Vendetti / Artist: Eddy Barrows / DC Comics

The Spectre. The Justice League fighting each other. Batman in a winter coat. What more could you want?

This was an important issue in this new arc. For starters, it was full of action-packed fighting between the Justice League.

They were being mind-controlled by the Spectre. What an asshole. But as a reader and longtime fan of these characters, it was fun to see. We had Superman fighting Batman, a duo that never fails to deliver. Then we had Green Lantern and the Flash, which brings back memories of Brave and the Bold. And finally, we got the literal God-Tier fight between Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

What I liked about it from a character perspective was that it allowed everyone to get out their frustrations about everyone else. Everyone on Earth is harboring some type of feelings toward people, but the Spectre’s possession made the Justice League release all of that to their teammates, fueling the fight. If you ever wanted to see Batman called out for being so secretive and kind of a dick… this might be a comic you want to buy.

But dynamic fighting aside, this issue was the one that propelled this arc into the next gear. The Spectre is dealing with a human vessel who doesn’t want to continue delivering God’s vengeance on the people of Earth so he’s using the Justice League as a conduit for his rage. That’s kind of… dope as hell.

On top of that, The Spectre has given the League a vision of the not too distant future of some of the conflict that’s to come. It’s all vague images, but it’s enough to put the Justice League in motion as they try and figure out how to stop these things from happening.

Justice League #45 was a fun read that provided a dope fight between the team that ultimately sets up the conflict they’ll face for this arc and beyond.

9 Batman Winter Coats Out Of 10

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