Kick-Ass #3 Review


Writer: Mark Millar / Artist: John Romita Jr. / Image Comics

This issue right here is that raw shit. That baking soda bubbling in the Pyrex gutter-gutter. Off the strength of that cover alone, you know some villainous carnage is about to go down. Mark Miller and John Romita Jr. continue their visceral approach to their Robin Hood in the hood tale, but I certainly wasn’t ready for the new wrinkle that Issue 3 introduced to this Kick-Ass run.

We’re immediately introduced to the newest ruthless killer of our story, Violencia. LIKE WHAT?! How you come out of left field with a rap sheet long as Beyonce’s performance at Coachella and the gulliest name in the game!? VIOLENCIA!! His imposing and intimidating look is drawn with subtle precision and terrifying expertise. John Romita Jr. still got the juice. And when I say rap sheet, I mean this professional murderer and part-time jail prisoner honored guest is blessed with the most poet, yet brutal backstory in a hot minute. You wanna peep the receipts?
I rest my case.

We get a deeper look at our titular character’s family dynamic, with lots of implications on the line. Patience throws Noob Saibot levels of shade at her sister, regarding her man Maurice aka Mr. Bring the Bacon Home. It isn’t until the end of this issue that Patience finds out how deep Maurice has truly steeped to. On the positive side, we finally see some of that money that Patience keeps promising to everyone, get put to good use.

The end of this issue finds Kick-Ass stumbling upon a secret that could make her into a real, celebrated hero. Everything turns all the way bad when Kick-Ass and Violencia finally cross paths, but she’s a crafty soldier who doesn’t give up when the going gets tough. Would you bet your life on the flip of a coin?

Outstanding issue. Mark Millar’s head splitting pace is so rewarding and the attention to detail in his writing is superb. Artistically, there is so much satisfying action and gore. Not to mention, we’re left with a hell of a nail-biting cliffhanger. This new Kick-Ass is a bloody good time.

10 Scruffy-Ass Teenagers Out Of 10

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