Kingsman: The Red Diamond #2 Review

Writer: Rob Williams / Artist: Simon Fraser / Image Comics

I really wasn’t expecting to bang with Kingsman but Issue #2 came correctttt and I’m officially onboard. They lulled me in with Eggsy’s slick talking and family centered opening scenes, then hit me with the Red Diamond diabolical shit that I want to see so much more of. I actually thought that was all I wanted, until the meat and potatoes of this issue focused on another.

Eggsy does what Eggsy do and sweet talks his way into MI6 headquarters to get his baby brother some super Pepto from a very unfriendly agent ally. Since he got put on leave, Eggsy ain’t supposed to be there…but that’s also the reason this issue works. He winds up in the right place at the right time and is sent on the mission we need him to be on — locating the man who received that message from the hacker twin brother who caught the airlock pressure fade.

The bulk of issue #2 revolves around this mystery figure and the hunt to reach him before Red Diamond’s henchman can get his gorilla paws on him. Simon Fraser does workkk in the few areas he has room have some fun. Those Mach 7 Ramjet engine panels were straight flames and Rob Williams excels as he writes in that patented, crude Kingsman humor. Unexpectedly impressive writing and a roller coaster of fun all throughout this issue make this another step forward for the Red Diamond run.

7.5 Michael Shannon Screen Presence Props out of 10

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