Legend of Korra Book Four: Balance Trailer / Pre-Cap

There would be no Air Nation without Avatar Korra. She opened the portals and somehow the world began anew for us. She was even willing to lay down her own life, in order to protect ours.




You know this shit was too important that your boy dropped this on a Friday night like Yonce on the track. We ride too strong for Korra at BNP fam. We Southside Water Tribe all day up in here. That Book Four: Balance Trailer dropped and your boy made sure he could still fit into the Uggs and the sleeveless baby blue chest piece cuz this shit right here is serious. Since I will undoubtedly drop about 10,000 words worth of recaps on this here Balance starting on October 3rd, we just gonna point out some some highlights in these trailers. Watch this shit…then one mo gin.

(0:20) I don’t know about any of y’all benders, but I’ve seen a woman or two cut off their hair with nothing but a firm grip and an instrument with a sharp edge and that shit never meant that cuddle time was coming. ITS. ABOUT. TO GO. DOWN. Shorter Hair Don’t Care, bruh. Korra trying to let y’all know what time it is before we even get into this shit.

(0:46) Oh, Oh, OH, Air Benders, LET ME UPGRADE YOU. I loved the gliders but them joints sittin in the back of the broom closet collecting dust with the jarred preserves and expired medicine. We out here with wing suits yo. Now with 62% less earthly tether.

(0:50) Mech on Mech violence? I have no idea why Mech’s don’t make a bigger deal about this but get mad when benders take them down.

(0:52) Ayo, ain’t Korra in the same arena young Toph the barefoot Gawd used to hand out them retirement checks to cats?…Hold that thought.

(0:56) Suyin “Even My Body Armor Got Bodies” Beifong BACK!!!


(1:11) LOL, Ok, now we are literally bendin’ out the roof (shout out to Omar Holmon for that, you crazy for this one Guru (Laghima)).

(1:17) All I need is this world of sin, is Asami Da Fictional Bae recreating the Old Boy Hallway scene on top of a fucking train!

(1:24) Kuvira? Friend or Foe? She does seem to be fuckin a lot of shit up to be friendly in these quick cut streets.

(1:29) Bolin got them stripes on the shoulders. You better salute the Lavabending General when you see him in the street.

(1:39) Hit the gym for two weeks / my back all chiseled / elbows unique now / meet the new me – Avatar Korra/Ghostface Killah


(1:55) Katara old as math itself either fixing herself a bath or just keeping her technique tight. Which doesn’t matter because KATARA!

(2:01) Varrick aka The Superior Iron-Man still outchea!

(2:02) Kai aka Jason Todd still can’t get a fade or proper edge up outchea!

(2:15) TUPAC BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • William is the Editor-In-Chief, leader of the Black Knights and father of the Avatar. With Korra's attitude, not the other one.

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  • Ramon

    I ain’t got thoughts…I got chills. I got feels. But I ain’t got thoughts. Too much. I can’t even,

  • Djustin of the South

    I can’t watch this without being mad that there’s still a whole work week between me and Book 4.

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