Legend of Korra Recap: In Harm’s Way

Book 3: Change / Part IV

First and foremost, they must have taken the week off because we needed time to prepare for that same beat drop from the incredible Book Three trailer. We up at the North Pole and Zaheer out there creating a snow storm while ghost riding the whip like Thugnificent.

These cats are here to break P’Li out of Mr. Freeze’s humble abode and make their team whole, but first they gotta go through Tonraq, Desna & Eska the Klondike twins, Fire Lord Zuko (Da Gawd) and a gotdamn dragon. No worries right?

So why they chop through these cats like they just got their powers during Harmonic Convergence? How you rule both Water Tribes and be the most respected leader in the Fire Nation and y’all can’t even stay on the bull for 30 seconds? Unfortunately, it wasn’t a surprise that Tonraq couldn’t do shit with Zaheer considering I can’t forget how he let his brother give him that pre-prison Mike Tyson work last season:

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Then the twins (who’s bending is mad underrated by the way) try to take out Ming-Hua and didn’t manage to do shit but create a fucking jungle gym for her.

After she takes care of them, she gets her Dig Dug on to search for P’Li. By the time they get topside, P’Li is thawed out and ready to cause some carnage. And the first thing she does after being in the deep freeze for 13 years: Takes out a muthafuckin dragon, b. For real, you fresh out of lock up and that’s your first act? That’s like doing a bid, and walking straight into the booth to anchor the latest BET Cypher.

After they leave them cats beaten down minus their lunch money, they peel off in the tractor while Zaheer and P’Li act like they ain’t heard about PDA etiquette over the last decade.

Back with Team Avatar in the Earth Kingdom, Mako and Bolin finally get some money put on their Metro Card while Korra is letting off some steam by sparring with the fictional bae Asami (I’ll let you Korra/Asami shippers do what you will with that last sentence). Mako and Bolin finally make it back to the Upper Ring so that Bolin can work out his one man show material and give them the plot at the same time. By the way, Bolin is doing the Lord’s work this season. He giving you that season two Jeremy Piven in Entourage work right now. The impersonations alone are killing it:


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…Earth Queen

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Aiight, so I gotta be honest, Kai might have some legit skill. They kind of rushed the Jason Todd to Robin storyline, but I’m looking forward to his impending death and resurrection as a pissed off airbender rockin a red mask and organizing the crime factions in Republic City and making them pay 40%.

Good times. At any rate, he’s actually trying to be a decent guy and stick up for a fellow prisoner before it lands him in D-Block.

Team Avatar gotta put together a plan to liberate Kai and the other airbenders and the best they could come up with is the plot from Anne Rice’s “Tale of the Body Thief”??? Like, for serious? Love this show, love Jinora, but having her float around like Caspette the friendly airbender was pretty weak. Eventually she finds them, because she got a connection to Kai or…[because I don’t know how old Jinora is except for the fact that she’s definitely not 18, the original joke has been retracted]…she eventually finds out where Kai is being held in isolation and appears to the kid like this was the Grudge or some shit. How does Kai not accidentally airbend her spirit into the fucking vents just off reflex there?

While Team Avatar is planning to extract the airbenders, Lin Beifong show up bringing more bad fucking news. But seriously, I doubt Beifong with her disposition ever gets to deliver good news. Now the squad knows that the Four Horsemen are on the loose and that they got imprisoned because they tried to kidnap Korra when she was just a kid.

Korra knows the law and that she can Stand Her Ground and firebend on them cats if they come near her, so she ain’t runnin. Besides, there’s some airbenders to free. Once in the temple, they pull out the conscripted soldiers while Mako and Bolin become Kai’s probation officers and escort him out. But not before Jinora run up on your boy and drop that pre-pubescent peck on his cheek…I mean, what we talkin about man. Little Jinora is this damn grown up already? How did we skip the drawing hearts around Kai’s name in the journal phase? Don’t mind me, I have a daughter that looks about two years older than she is, I’m processing shit right now…

They meet some Dai Li agents during the escape and we get to see that dope Mako and Bolin team up in the hall. Kai gets to do the, “I have vanquished you and will now throw your words back at you” routine and they take the elevator up.

Topside, these cats hold off the Dai Li agents and the Queen with so much air, I thought we were at the RNC…

…what, nothin? Fascists.

After they escape, Tenzin lets the liberated airbenders know they can come train with him in the ways of the airbender. When them cats start volunteering, Tenzin almost drops into that Halle Berry Cry:

Team Avatar continues their quest to find more airbenders, Tenzin now has his airbender army acolytes, and there are still four cats out there that can take them all down in a matter of seconds. So, we’re all in a good place when those credits drop.


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