Magneto #17 Review

writer: Cullen Bunn / artist: Gabriel Hernandez Walta / Marvel Comics

Well gotdamn, that was dark. And we’re talking about a Magneto book, so the inference doesn’t come cheap. The murder mystery continues and is resolved in an unexpected way in this month’s issue as Magneto struggles with re-establishing Genosha. This book is at its best when it deals with the Magneto struggling with what can’t be solved by him destroying something with a heavy metal object. It’s not even a question of Magneto dealing with the moral politics of good and bad. We are so far past that now. It’s about if Magneto can be a source of life and survival for others on his terms, which really makes this book as good as it has been. Magneto has made some pretty difficult decisions in this run, but this book includes probably the toughest one yet. Still, it he does it unwavering in the act, but second guessing the path here and afterward. This storyline, while brief, really has been some of Bunn’s best work with the character.


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The art as always, well represents the narrative and tone, as the rigid, scratchy feel of Magneto’s story is personified. Magneto’s demons are stark and vivid and disturbing while still staying true to the style they’ve built up for this many issues.

Magneto continues to impress and this story might be the one that leads him down a path he may not recover from.


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