writer: Cullen Bunn / artist: Javier Fernandez

The theme or perhaps the point of this Magneto solo series has been about showing how resourceful Magneto has to be in the absence of full might, the same earth shaking powers that reached such heights that he could influence the rotation of the earth. For seven issues, our titular anti-hero been hiding his diminished powers, finding more cunning ways to accomplish his goals and punishing those that overestimate the waning of his abilities. Well, Magneto is FED UP. With having to compromise. This is another really good issue of Magneto, but there is a shift in this particular issue with so much focus on SHIELD tracking down Magneto as he tracks down the manufacturers of MGH. What seemed like an inevitable blood bath between Magneto and the dealers (and then later SHIELD), has a surprising “resolution”, especially when Magneto’s true intentions are revealed.

I gotta give it up for the art and the arrangement of this book as it does a great job of interspersing Magneto’s failures with his new found (or realized) humility. This is why Magneto is so damn interesting because he’s this literal force of nature, but because he’s been predominantly recognized as a villain, he has a lot of failures in his canon. This works well in this book, as we are reminded of those times he’s been defeated, though you never look at Magneto being a villain in this particular book.

Another month, another damn good issue of Magneto. We’ll see if his plan works to make him one of the most powerful mutants in the world again, but I doubt it will be a straight line there.


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