Might Guy: ‘Naruto’ Legend Out Here Bussin’ Ninjas Asses with Only One Leg

You ninjas don't know shit about adversity like Guy
Might Guy

I feed off adversity. I want a character to go through it. I want a character that knows nothing but struggle bars. Nothing but hard times and getting through that shit. Feel me when I say, no other ninja is about overcoming adversity like your ninjas and dem, Might Guy. Lemme tell you like The Enforcer, Double AA Arn Anderson *holds up four fingers* told WCW, “They say, adversity introduces a man to himself. Well, standing right here, I know who I am.” Bars. When it comes to this anime shit, if you ain’t about overcoming adversity then what you even here for? If you ain’t about the scrap then what you scrapping for, nah mean?

Might Guy is that ninja. He was down for the ignorance way back when he squared up against Madara and was talking to Kakashi over his shoulder. WHEN AN ANIME CHARACTER STARTS TALKING TO YOU OVER THEIR SHOULDER, IT’S ALL OVER. SOMEBODY GOTS TA GO!

Might Guy

I don’t give a damn what anybody says, Might Guy has the best journey in Naruto. My man went from being a Taijutsu specialist, dubbed the god of this hand-to-hand combat shit by the very man he was trying to fade to Black, Madara Uchiha. Your boy Might Guy put on for his village Hidden in the Leaf and put his life on the line opening all 8 chakra gates. When he got saved he didn’t come out unscathed. The homie lost the use of his right foot and uses a wheelchair to be mobile.

That’s all honor, son. Your man Guy did his time. Fam put on for his fucking squad. Homie ain’t gotta do no more. He can retire in this Bortuo series now knowing that while everybody had to rely on special jutsus, he was the realest for just knocking muh-fuckas out with the fists of fury. You good Guy. Put that flack jacket in the rafters like a jersey.

Might Guy

My man Guy still got some shit in the basement?!

Might Guy

Hold up, I thought Guy was just here to give these young genins that post-war Ted Talk. He given them a taijutsu demonstration too? Asking for two volunteers? My man been in the rehab doing push ups, pull ups, and dips still? This ninja shit didn’t stop for Mighty Guy just because he lost use of a leg? What? I knew my mans and them is nice but what? You ain’t even got to go this hard no more Guy! You can chill, my ninja. This is peacetime, dude. Why you goin so hard. You know why?! Cause ain’t no such things as halfway ninjas! Might Guy from the era where you either bleed coming in or out this life.

Show these lil’ Ninjas who you be then, Guy

Might Guy

Who the fuck you running up on with that sauce, boi? Might Guy still out in this muh fucka. Solid stance. Crane style for all contenders. How you goin’ try to run up on gawd! Guy out here getting up on the good foot and sending muh fuckas back with return to sender. Soon as Iwabe saw Guy smiling, it was over. Fam, Iwabe got home run hitter’d to the purple monster. Iawbe caught the palm to the stomach and gonna need Pepto-Bismal for this one. I said, Bast damn. It doesn’t matter who you are. Jounin, Genin, S Class ninja, Sage of Six Paths, Mail Man, Delivery man, who the fuck ever. You run up on Might Guy everybody gets clapped equally. Guy all about equal pay.


Might Guy

BACKFLIPS ON ONE LEG?! Do you see my man Guy paying homage to Surya Bonaly? Rock Lee’s son Metal Lee trying to go bang hands with the god of fisticuffs that taught his daddy? Guy dips on the young genius in the making with the ill crossover. Come on, man. Guy out here. How much training and rehabilitation my man go through to be getting it like this? What’s the work out regimen for this shit? Swear to god y’all don’t know Might Guy’s struggle! Y’all don’t know this ninja’s hustle!

Might Guy too different my ninja

Might Guy

Iwabe wanna come back into the fight? No ninja. Nah, son. You get that deny. You get that Family Feud red x. you get the velvet rope at the club denial. You get that Bad Man forward, Bad Man PULL UP swing the fuck outta here. You not sneaking up on Guy. Guy on one leg and y’all ninjas can’t even step to my mans and dem. Guy Sensei on one leg and these ninjas can’t stand the pressure of ya boy’s aura. Guy on one leg and got these youngins shook cause the mob life too deep. Guy retired the flack jacket and got the kevlar vest strapped. My ninja still ready for war. My ninja still ready to get a fucking body.


Metal Lee

Guy out here still teaching these kids man. Metal Lee caught that fade from Guy on one leg and realized he been trying to get rid of his social anxiety (thinking these necklace charms would ease it) instead of confronting it like Guy and working with it. Homie realizes if he wanna learn the 8 gates technique and put his numbers on the board he gotta get like Guy. Metal Lee aka young Daniel Bryan ran his own chain in order to deliver the fade from his father’s challenge.

Show these ninjas who you are then Metal Lee!

Metal Lee

Metal Lee remixed the strong fist fighting style!

Metal Lee

Look at the young genius! Metal confronts his anxiety by incorporating it into his fighting style. Look at the remix of Rock and Guy’s Strong Fist fighting style with your boy at the helm. This is what the hell I wanna see from the next generation. My man Metal Lee fighting, krumping, and break dancing all at the same damn time! LET HIM USE YOU METAL LEE! LET GOD USE YOU BOI!

Metal Lee is a whole new beast

Metal Lee

You see this shit?! You see Metal Lee giving his old man a hard time. Your boy becomes unpredictable to read in a fight just like Rock Lee when using the drunken fist. Look at Metal Lee putting the third generation of taijutsu users on his fucking leg weights. Look at Metal Lee hitting his own father with the Usher “U remind me of a girl” handstand footwork.

And1 Mixtape series crossovers

Metal Lee

Metal Lee out here bout to score on his daddy. Metal making his old man regret asking for this pickup game right here. Metal Lee bout to give us the taijutsu we been waiting for. Homie don’t even need a drink to get his drunken fist fighting style on. Young genius in the making! Rock Lee struggling to keep up. Rock Lee knew his son could squabble but not like this. Oh lord, don’t kill ya own old man like this. The moves too original. The moves too fresh. All I hear watching this is “FATMAN SCOOP CROOKLYN CLAN! BREATH INNNNNNN, BREATHE OUUUUUUUUUT”.

Pass the baton! Metal Lee coming for the MVP Taijutsu spot

Metal Lee

Might Guy out here helping the youth get through adversity. That’s what I’m talking about. This ninja shit ain’t about special moves and summonings. This is about grit. How much shit you got left in the basement. How many more sets you got left in you cause it’s still your set. This ninja shit don’t stop till your heart stops fam. This ninja shit don’t stop till someone gets dropped for good.

You can take Might Guy out the battlefield but you can’t take the battlefield out the best taijutsu fighter in the history of Nauto (fight me). Even on one leg Might Guy is still a mud made monster. Pay respect to the hardest ninja to rock a flack jacket. Pay homage to the GOAT of throwing hands. Salute the realest ninja in these Hidden village streets on sight and off the strength.

Might Guy
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