Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #12 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis / Artist: David Marquez / Marvel Comics

We’ve reached the final chapter in the second volume of Miles Morales life. We’ve seen him patch things up with his father, join the new incarnation of the Ultimates as well as help out the X-Men from his universe and the 616. The events back in his personal life have come front and center though as we discover his girl Kate Bishop was actual deep in Hydra and that Dr. Doom (who Miles fought against with the X-men) has come into play.

Bendis has spared nothing on the road to this closing chapter. This issue comes as a quick read which is welcome but we are also seeing Miles tested to the limits as well as him having to discover new things about himself in such a dire situation. Bendis has taken Miles from the mild mannered soft spoken hero, to a true powerhouse as this issue delves into some fast paced action. Marquez keeps Miles lookin like the MVP of the Ultimate universe. His characters all look smooth and very life like on page. When we see him do action scenes? Man it’s just a fucking pleasure to read as he compliments Bendis writing so well.

We see a glimpse into the lead in for Secret Wars at the end of this chapter and we know Miles is going to be playing his own part in that series as well. This was a quick closer but a good one nonetheless. There is no doubt that Bendis knows what he is doing with Miles and it is going to be incredible to see him join the major leagues up in the 616.


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  • Ultimate_Spider

    This issue was horrible. It was rushed and a lot of stuff is still left dangling. Who are the Fly Twins? Why can Miles all of a sudden blow himself up? Most of the action happened off panel and what we did see was dumb. Why did the Ultimates even need to show up? So dumb all around.

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