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Season: 1 / Episode: 4 / USA Network

We start this episode off with Fernando the drug lord receiving some bad news from his lawyer.

His future is grim, and he wants to hurt somebody to make things right with the universe. He has some climactic epiphany..and I’m assuming they must want us to believe Fernando was able to decipher that photo he was shown by his lawyer when she said it was an anonymous tip that got him locked up. Also, that Elliot was the anonymous tipper. But he don’t seem that smart, considering he posted every one of his drug transactions on Twitter, but I digress.

Mr. Robot, Elliot and the gang get to Steel Mountain and Elliot suits up and by suits up, I mean puts in an ear piece. They hatch a horrific plan to get into the facility, luckily they’re fast enough at writing a 60 billion dollar wikipedia page for Elliot. As soon as the tour guide looks up Elliot’s fake fat stacks he invites him in swiftly. After a few questions, Elliot needs to ditch the tour guide (Bill) and begins to absolutely shred the plump little nice guy to pieces.

A previous hack showed his vulnerability to break down and eventually bypass regulation and let him in. They encounter a slight problem with a woman who they can’t find online. This is all another ploy to show us how good these guys are at hacking any and everything. They send the woman a text from her husband’s cell saying he’s in the hospital, and she runs away in tears. Pretty grimy. Elliot bolts for the stairs. When he gets to the floor he was looking for, he runs into Tyrell and almost shit bricks.

Angela comes home and starts packing up her things while Ollie pleads that he has a problem and to stay and blah blah blah. Ollie is the epitome of the type of Americans that every other nation hates, hope he gets the Bubonic plague. Angela gets fed up and drops the bomb that she used Ollie’s computer to infect the company with the white rapper’s CD. She then hits him with a beautiful, “Fuck you.” Angela goes to her dad’s house and tells him about the breakup. This guy is the dad of all dads. He offers up his crib for her to stay at and commute from, to make her a fresh batch of french toast, and already thought Ollie was a douchebag! Bravo pops, bravo.

Shayla gets herself a new job and things are looking bright for her. Yea, a 30 second scene of her getting on the right path isn’t foreshadowing at all.

Elliot bullshits his way through that initial encounter with Tyrell and grabs lunch with the dude. Elliot endures listening to Tyrell spit that ultimate bougie fuckboy garbage about average everyday Americans.

It took everything in Elliot’s soul to listen to this guy for 3 mins of lunch. A quick run to the bathroom to hurl into the sink helps alleviate his pain, then Elliot is off to work putting that climate control raspberry pi on. Mid operation, Tyrell walks into the bathroom and straight up hits ya boy with the knowledge that he knows Elliot framed Colby. I mean he literally watched Elliot swap out the folders at that meeting and he’s a smart dude so consider me unimpressed with that revelation. Tyrell drops his #Facts and leaves, then Elliot finishes the job.

Darlene is back at the trap house coding up some Beautiful Mind shit and it appears she gets banned from The Dark Army her bf is associated with. She storms out to go fix things, whatever that means.
She meets her street peddler bf at the library and quickly gets quieted by her boo, you know, because they’re in a library. When her connected boy toy confirms her ban and leaves, she flips out and does a classic book shelf swipe (distant cousin to the table flip) and screams at the top of her lungs just to spite the scholars up in there.

We keep getting more and more hints of the life Tyrell’s fire Nordic wife is really about. First that 50 Shades of S&M scene despite her pregnancy belly. Now she’s ready to do anything she needs to make sure her man gets to the top. They have a nice dinner with a guy Tyrell is trying to get down with. Everything is going swimmingly until Tyrell quietly asks dude’s wife how she lives with her husband without blowing her brains out. Then after she takes the high road and dismisses his comment and excuses herself for the lavatory. HOMEBOY RUNS UP ON THE WIFE IN THE BATHROOM!! Guess it worked though, cuz they got down on the toilet, with Tyrell standing in front of her not saying a word! The hell goes on behind the scenes in the corporate world?

Mr. Robot, Elliot and the crew get back and Darlene lets them know that China has backed out of their agreement to help bring about the revolution. Darlene wants to screw the Chinese and proceed without them but Mr. Robot don’t believe the hype. Her finger is on the trigger and she asks Elliot if she should hit launch but he talks her off the ledge. They are back to the drawing board.

They end the episode with Angela finding a ton of letters from E Corp Insurance saying her dad owes $25K+ and Elliot getting home, finding Shayla missing and getting a call from Fernando talking his universe yap. Oh foreshadowing…

All in all, pretty solid episode. I’m interested in Angela potentially getting involved with the arcade fire crew. Also, Tyrell Wellick is secretly stealing scenes left and right on this show. Who the hell knows what his next move will be. Til next Wednesday.


  • Ja-Quan is a NYC teacher and artist holding a B.A. in Sociology and History from SUNY New Paltz. On his journey to become Hokage, the Lord of The Speed Force and Protector of the Recaps can be found North of The Wall, chopping it up on Twitter @OGquankinobi

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  • Tuesday

    Greattt recap. Just discovered the show, came direct to BNP hoping y’all were recapping it and YESSSSSSS. So thank you.
    One quick note: this is episode 5, not 4. Almost spoiled myself when I started reading. (The show title for the first episode was 1.0) Off to watch the next ep to come back here…

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