Nah B: Scarlett Johansson Cast As Lead For Ghost In The Shell


It was announced that Scarlet Johansson would be cast as Major Motoko Kusanagi for the Ghost In The Shell movie. We can obviously tell the difference between the actress and her character just by names alone. Kusanagi is a Japanese woman, where as Johansson isn’t. I first found out about Ghost In The Shell by watching it with my brother. I was too young to know what the plot was entirely but seeing him so enamored with it is what made me get into anime and mangas. I know how big a deal Ghost In The Shell is for the anime game (drafted from the Manga leagues) and this casting feels like the proper homage isn’t being payed. It’s not like we were expecting Hollywood to learn their lesson with casting white actors as Egyptians in Exodus: Gods and Kings but come on man. Yall can’t even get a Japanese (or even an actress of asian descent) actress to rock this?

Nobody has anything against Scar Jo, we still want that Black Widow movie or a movie where the white female lead doesn’t kill a guy for not speaking English (mind you they were over seas) as she did in Lucy. She got 100% use of her brain and thats how she was using it? I think they meant she got even more access to white privilege.

The privilege is strong with this one

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I think my biggest concern is that as we saw in Dragon Ball and Avatar: The Last Airbender, Hollywood is going to start white washing anime films now at a higher rate. I don’t want that to become true but at the same time I feel like I should be calling certain castings now so that 5 years down the line I can at least say, “I fucking knew it”, when the day comes. I stay praying that the day never comes where I turn on the TV and see that fucking

Mutha Fucking Zach Effron is Naruto. Coming to theaters in 2019.

Katy Perry is Sailor Moon! In theaters 2021.

Josh Hutcherson is Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach! In theaters… I don’t even wanna fuckin know

The worst part is you know I’m right. It could happen…. This can’t be life man. The description of this Ghost In The Shell was as a sexy thrill– I stopped reading after sexy to be honest. My nope factor was too high for this shit man. I’ll probably wait till this shit gets the Aeon Flux (the original white washing of anime) treatment and airs on TBS.

Kusanagi my major, I hate it had to be her


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  • Alexx

    Aeon Fluxx was white washing?

    Anyways, I share your fear for the future.

  • A Person

    Its just so sad…LIKE YALL COULDN’T FIND ONE JAPANESE WOMAN TO PLAY A JAPANESE ROBOT WOMAN?!? Its infuriating because it legitimately doesn’t make any sense… Namesake alone, they could have picked another asian woman at least to make it believable. Can’t the makers of GITS protest or something? I didn’t watch The Last Airbender, won’t be watching this either. Hollywood sucks man. Please erase the scary images above before you give hollywood some more bad ideas. Thats what makes this so aggravating.

  • dragonslayingprincess

    Reading this article from 2016 and OMG I can see all those castings happening.

    I don’t really know what to do with these… On the one hand I want to support more anime movies and female l ad action films.

    But on the other hand if seeing a bunch of white people go yellow face playing my fave anime characters (well, unless it’s Berserk or Baccano! Which are set in Europe and are very European). Especially since Motoko is meant to be a generic model to blend in, and a Caucasian lady would NOT blend in in racially homogenous Japan.

    Plus sexy thriller! Ugh- the insane fan service is the one thing they need to ditch!

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