Writer:Gerry Duggan / Artist:John Timms Moreira / Marvel

this issue was Nova picks up where the last left off. Carnage comes up in Sam’s high school looking to kill him and we see his principal step in t save him (if you know there history this is surprising that he would go this far and redeeming as well). Sam had his mother and sister impersonate him from afar to trick Carnage into thinking he had the wrong Sam Alexander. the fighting and itneractions between them this issue felt less dire as their fight was in the previous one. I love comedy in my books but I never really got a sense that Carnage was trying to kill Sam (he clearly was) because this iteration of Carnage wasn’t the clear cut psycho killer he is usually presented as.

The fight is essentially is dragged through an Anthrax concert (hilarious on Duggan’s end and awesome on the part of Moreira’s art) then onto a highway. Duggan serves us a vulnerable Carnage dealing with his psychosis returning to him after having been an actual good guy in the Axis cross over which is why he wants to kill Sam. Carnage doesn’t want any trace of anyone remembering him as that. It’s truly a sad sight to see… then you remember this dude Carnage has more bodies under him than a necrophiliac and you don’t feel quite that bad anymore.

A real stand out part of this book for me aside from the story was Moreira’s art.

His depictions of Sam moving from scene to scene was fucking spectacular. Do you see the kid fucking grinding on that rail man? you see that shit? I was hoping his skateboarding would come into play more in his civilian identity and Moreira fucking delivered for me. He also has sam looking way older. When we started this series I assumed Sam was at least maybe 15-16 in age. He’s looking like he could be in his 17-19 age range now. If you have been following the series you know what I mean. It has been distracting a bit but i’m not way picky on it, I just want to point out that this is my favorite characterization and visual of Sam’s age rang thus far. The concert was a great look as well {I love a good Anthrax reference in any capacity} as well ass Sam’s helmet shorting out on him repeatedly. Moreira is truly an artist I am appreciating for this book.

We’re saw Sam finally taking the means towards getting his helmet fixed. He’s concussion free now so it seems he’s ready to get back to the super heroics. The ironic part is he is going to be getting help from the un-inverted version of the person that put his and his helmet’s ass semi out of commission in the first place. Yeah, Doc Green (the Hulk) is here to hopefully help Sam out.


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