Oh Marvel, What Have You Done Now: Captain America: Civil War 2016

Well, we knew this was coming. The papers haven’t even completely rested on the ground from DC’s big movie release news a couple of weeks ago and Marvel sends the comic book nerdsphere into another hurricane. Announcing movies for new and familiar characters all the way through 2019, you know the crew had some thoughts about that.

The Gods done went and blessed us on this day cause we got a the best comic book event coming to theaters yall, Marvel’s “Civil War”. Sheeeeeeeeeeit, with the announcement from Marvel that this will be a Captain America movie, I’m feeling like this is going to be filled with hero cameos. However, since we are in phase 3 of Marvel that is highly possible now. It’s a fucking celebration people! Celebrated at the day job hard for this!

Boss don’t kill my vibe

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Let’s be clear, Civil War (imo) is the biggest and still the best cross over Marvel put out in the game to date. It is only fitting that now is the time to pull it off in the movies. We have the major players for event to occur as well. Captain America and Iron Man of course are the two big gears for this as they come to be split on the issue of heroes having to register with the government (giving up their secret identities and having to follow orders).

Captain America and Tony Stark are going to be at odds with each other. We already saw what it was like in Captain America 2 when S.H.I.E.L.D. was against Rogers. Now we get to see what it’s like when actual friends and comrades are the ones hunting him down to be taken in. It has been said that the Avengers line up will change after Age of Ultron, I’m assuming a split faction leading into Civil War will be the cause.


Either way you break this down, shit is going to be fire. To see Steve Rogers having to punch his man 50 grand Tony Stark in the face and them both at each other’s throats? We haven’t seen a superhero movie take it to that scale yet. Someone is going to get the feelings hurt in this movie. Keep in mind villains also get enlisted to take down heroes, so that is another level we gotta add on top of the liberties at stake for the non-registration siding heroes going on in this movie.

This has the makings to be the biggest movie for Marvel and I guarantee cats are going to stop thinking that Captain America films ain’t bringing shit to the game. “oooh but the first Cap movie was bad”, man, yall don’t know shit about foreshadowing. Shut the fuck up and watch how Steve Rogers gives you the Marvel equivalent of Wrestlemania.

Jim Ross: No! Steve! Dc comics has a family don't do it! NoOoOoOo!
Jim Ross: No! Steve! DC Comics has a family don’t do it! NoOoOoOo!


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