Open Letter to Kanye’s “2015 Yeezy II Clothing Line” (Revisited)

It was about a year ago in February when Kanye West teamed with Addias to drop his Yeezy 2015 Fall fashion line. Yeezy looked to shock the world and he went on to do something even greater. Kanye brought everyone in the world together… in roasting his ass something viscous. It was a beautiful moment in American pop culture history where we all came together on social media and went joke for joke for hours and even days on end.

Our open letter format actually stems from a roasting session on Kanye’s fashion line. In celebration of that we’re going to relive and remix the magic of that beautiful day. We’re going to celebrate the joy of the 2015 Yeezy Fall fashion line the best way we know how… by using the Edo Tensei technique to revive it for the anniversary of the roast. Let’s set the timer one mo gain.

*Sets timer*

Clothes look like spring apparel from the peasants in Skyrim.
Clothes look like the default create-a-wrestler gear from WWF Smackdown.
Clothes look the fan remake of The Hobbit.
Clothes look like they get dry cleaned on Middle-Earth.
Clothes look like the designer said “Fuck it” after the third Red Bull.
Clothes look like “please sir can I have some more porridge” in real time.

Why the entire line-up look like they volunteered as tribute
in the Hunger Games and got told, “…Nah, y’all straight.”?
Dude in the vest look like he just got done with an X-Ray.
Dude’s vest made from the same material as the arm lining for the machine that takes your blood pressure at the back of the Rite-Aid pharmacy.
Dude in the v-neck looks like he’s rocking that green rough side of a sponge.

My man in brown looks like he bout to choreograph a flash mob dance.
My man in brown looks like as an extra from Black Sails.
My man in the fur look like he’s wearing kicks from Build-A-Bear.
My man in fur got hand-kitted kicks from somebody’s Gram-Gram.
My man in the fur got the Moses-edition Jordans.
My man in the custom u-neck chainmail looks like my created skater from #TonyHawkProSkater2.


I thought I was watching scenes from Le Mis.
I keep expecting someone to pop out saying “for just ten cents a day.”
Clothes look like they were left over from Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.
Clothes look like the before picture to white privilege.

Everybody got the “I ain’t get a degree for this” face on.
Everybody got the “soooo when winter hits what we gon do?” face on.
Everybody looking like a villager you gotta get info from in an online #MMORP.
Everybody lined up & dressed up like they bout to play “guess who” in person.
Everybody looking like premature Venture Bros clones.


Why her sweater look like Constantine’s ratings?
Why her sweater look like it was designed by student loans?
Why her sweater look like it still uses for job searches?
Why her sweater look like the Black experience in America?
Why her sweater look like how craisins taste?


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  • Omar Holmon is a content editor that is here to make .gifs, obscure references, and find the correlation between everything Black and Nerdy.

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