Power Season Finale Recap: ‘When This Is Over’

Season 5 / Episode 10, ‘When This Is Over’ / Starz

Our finale starts off dark as hell. Tre Mission’s “Stigmata” plays in the background as Tommy goes full Tony Montana, ripping baseball bat-sized lines from snow-capped mountains of his own product. Meanwhile, Tasha weeps over the loss of her daughter. Even Ghost — the suave, calculated, killer — is out here lookin shaky.

Sidebar: You heard Meek Mill and Drake squashed their beef? *Plays RICO to finish reading this recap*

Angela knows she could get get hit with the RICO, so Haters in the 1st Degree got her sweatin’ bullets in the interrogation room! You got 2 options, B. Expose James St. Patrick and his criminal organization in exchange for immunity, or you goin down. She gets 24 hours to think it over. Her lawyer deadass told her to take the deal or she’ll catch the fade in the joint.

Form Like Voltron

Keisha stops by Tommy’s opium den to call out her new boo. She talmbout, “You out here wildin’, Tommy”. He kicks her to the curb cuz he is out here wildin’; then has to compose his drunk, high ass. Ghost scoops him up to meet with Tasha and (surprise surprise), Angela!

Tasha tells Angela that Terry Silver is back. Homegirl pounces on that shit like a tiger lying in wait. She tells her to keep Silver close. Tasha hits her with all the tea when she translates that shit like, “Yeah I know; keep sleeping with him until she can use him.”

Ghost, Tommy, Angela and Tasha — aka The Finesse Gods — meet up in their old school. Tommy hilariously finds a bag of drugs he stashed there decades ago? Tommy passes a note to Tasha and they go to work.

Oh the foreshadowing!!

Angela tells them what the Feds are accusing them. She starts connecting all the players on the board by lining up her hitters to solidify their network’s alibis and stories. Angela decides to handle Andre Coleman, but the biggest task is on Tasha. She has to handle LaKeisha Grant after Tommy just flipped on her.

In the very next scene, Dre and his baby moms are fulfilling the weekly hot and heavy session when he is nearly assassinated by some Jimenez henchman! Dre uses his plot armor to beat them over the head with household objects, take their guns, murk ’em out and escape. Even with Alicia in jail, that La Arana Tarot card still holds weight!

Lock It Down

Tasha tells Keisha reminds her to hold it down since the Feds are gonna be sniffing around. Keisha flips and reminds her “friend” that she ain’t even thank her for the 3 hours of interrogation she just went through for her family. Tasha was kind of a dick in that whole scene. They have a falling out that they may never be able to recover from. In Tasha’s very next moment, Silver pulls up on her. Homegirl begins to work on getting him back over to her side.

Dre flips sides with the quickness! Angela meets him at some undisclosed spot and gets him to implicate The Jimenez gang in the deaths of Lobos and Mike Sandoval.

Mak runs up on Tate to scare him into being one of their informants. Fam, he looked as intimidated as a Blastoise facing a Magikarp. Saxe was equally trash. He runs up on Keisha walking down the street and throws out a weak-ass attempt to get her to flip.

Proctor pops up on James at Truth, trying to further convince him that Angela is gonna snitch on him. St. Patrick dismisses that shit with the promise his grade-school bae is protecting them (as if a lover ain’t never flipped on her gangster man). He tells James that Terry Silver is officially back to help them. Here’s when James turns into Ghost, and starts thinking about what he has to do.

Angela meets with her sister. She tries to convince her to stop chasing Jamie like she always has, and take the deal. Angela tells her she has a plan then goes home to Jamie already sitting in there with a bottle of wine. Not creepy at all. They nuzzle. They reassure each other they’re gonna make it out of this, then they part ways.

James meets with Councilman Tate before the ceremony to break ground for the Queens Child Project. Tate must’ve been worried by the financial threats from Mak. He tries to back out of their deal, but James code-switches on that boy real quick! He tells him to stick to the plan and trust the process. Tate obliges, then hops up to the podium and announces his candidacy to become the first elected black governor of NY. Tasha joins her husband as the event kicks off. In the crowd is Maria Suarez, waiting to to take down that baddd man. Once formalities end, James tells Tasha to stay the fuck away from Silver because he’s working with the feds.

Testing Loyalties

Tommy cleans up and gets Keish to come back to his apartment. He plans to test her loyalty on the low-low. As he slowly pulls out the chrome .357 mag, he asks her if she’s fully committed. This scumbag is really a grade-A serial killer sociopath, ready to pop homegirl head full of lead. Of course, she says she’s in, ‘cuz Keisha a real one.

Dre runs to his last friend in the world. Getting cash and a bullet-proof vest from 2-Bit, Dre tells him he’s gonna run. He lied to Angela, won’t implicate the Jimenez cartel in anything and he’ll snitch on Tommy and Ghost. 2-Bit questions him real quick, so Dre mentions his daughter. Aww! Admirable…despite getting branded a snitch). 2-Bit tells Dre to hit up some cat named Brock for help outta town, but when he leaves you can tell he’s ‘bout to be up to something!

James snoops on Tasha. She runs into Terry Silver and completes her task, as the parking lot they meet in turns into the The Champagne Room. They get it in with no hesitation, but what in the actual fuck is going through Ghost’s head at this moment?!

After realizing his boy a nothin but a playboy that turned bunny, 2-Bit has a sit down with Tommy to inform him Dre is ‘bout to snitch on the whole team. He enlightens Tommy about his vest tactics, which blesses us with our sadistic quote of the episode as 2-Bit boils it down to “Headshots only.” Tommy responds with the most maniacal laugh and response of “I like that!”

Finesse: God’s Plan

Angela tells Dre to meet her in the shady cut again, but he has an entirely different result this time. It’s deadass GoldenEye meets Nazi zombies in this bish as a fucking football team of shooters — led by Tommy’s crazy ass — chases Dre. He must’ve borrowed Sonic’s shoes, ‘cuz that boy was breezin’ on em! Worry not young buck, your invincibility cloak remains true. Dre escapes with only a bullet hole in the leg!

This time, however, it’s all apart of the Finesse God’s plan. When I say escape, I mean he is rescued by Steve Tampio and the paddy wagon goons. They have a confession waiting for his John Hancock. With imminent death as his only other option, he signs the paperwork that Angela set up for Tampio. Tommy broods inside, knowing this was the best move despite his passionate desire to cancel Christmas on Dre all season.

Silver’s lawyer, Charles Hamilton, pops up to wrap things up with Angela’s lawyer and other key members of this RICO court case. A missing Silver gets off the hook for helping The Legion of Haters. Angela is free on the Sandoval murder case they were trying to connect her to. Dre’s confession helps the Finesse Gods strike again! John Mak immediately dips to take the DC gig still on the table (thanks Ang). Saxe is tightttt. He decides to stir the cauldron like the Wicked Witch of The City, and pays Tommy a visit.

A Flair For The Dramatic

Saxe puts his visitor onto the tape of Teresi not snitching, while schooling Tommy on Ghost and Angela’s manipulative ways. Tommy tells Keisha he has to go out. She says she’ll be there when he gets back. RIDE. OR. DIE! Cut to Angela’s apt, which apparently has worse security than S.T.A.R. Labs and the St. Patrick penthouse put together. Here, Tasha and Tommy press Angela about her self-preservation moves with Ghost. Tommy whips out the burner and twists on the silencer, preparing to murk out the petrified woman. It almost goes down until she mentions the pics Vincent has with Saxe’s desk in them. The team needs to get ‘em back. IDK why that should convince them to not kill her, but what do I know? Tommy goes to see Vincent, gets the pics and finds out that Ghost came right to Vince so Tommy would kill Teresi himself. I smell trouble in paradise..

In the biggest eye rolling scene of the episode, Hamilton tells Angela that Maria Suarez is now a witness and she’ll testify to identify James St. Patrick’s voice. Yeah, we know. Will it actually happen this time, though? Proctor passes on the same info to James but leaves out a name, simply telling him a woman is a witness in the case. He tries to make him think it’s Angie. Ghost turns around and hits Angela with all the allegations in the locker room of this horribly secured school. She says she’s not the witness. When she asks him why Terry Silver didn’t show up to the meeting with their lawyers, he says he didn’t kill Silver. They both want to believe each other. It’s all very dramatic.

Swift flashback to Ghost strangling the life out of Silver, right. after. he. fucked. Ghost’s. wife. in the parking lot. I…I got nothing besides: WELP!

Cue the inevitable finale jaw dropper — season 6 setup alert! As Angela and Ghost finally kiss after finessing their way out of this near-imprisonment, Tommy sneaks up on the make up / make out. He fires one suppressed shot that lands in Angela’s chest when she moves her beloved Jamie out of harm’s way. Ghost roars in horrified, while Tommy slinks away wearing a smirk as frightening as any serial killer in history.

Power Moves

  • After all the scheming this year, a lot went down that will have hella implications in the next season. When it’s all said and done, this might be the final one for Power.
  • What’s going to happen with Alicia Jimenez in jail? Will Cristobal enjoy an unexpected rise in power? Maybe 2-Bit gets his shot? Will we see a return from any of Tommy or Ghost’s former OGs? Will Tasha go full gangster? Or will it be a new challenger alert?
  • Kanan caught the fade. Diego Jimenez got bodied. Would they really kill off Angela? If they want to set up that epic Tommy vs. Ghost end of the series, they might!
  • What’s up with Maria Suarez? She finally gonna get her revenge?
  • According to showrunner Courtney Kemp, big things are in store for Tariq next season. He allegedly might be as dangerous as Dre was during his come up.
  • How hilarious was the constant checking of wires by the crew? Nobody can be trusted anymore.
  • What do you think of the Tariq theory? Is he really Kanan’s son?
  • Everyone still hates Dre. Apparently some fan thought Power was real, and threatened to beat the actor’s ass with a belt in the elevator. I. WAS. DYING! Is it real? I could care less, because it’s downright hilarious.

Missed any Power recaps this season? We’ve got you covered right here! See you in Season 6…

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