Rick and Morty Season 3 Trailer Dropped and It’s Darker Than A Packet of Mulan Szechuan Sauce

Oh, we thought we were ready. We thought. Well, we should know better by now with two seasons under our belts, but it seems that Rick and Morty‘s freshest content since the April Fools’ episode aired is making good on the promise to deliver the “darkest year” of their adventures in the wildest ways possible. Check it out:

For starters, Pickle Rick is a whole ass character and not a side joke— he’s out here kicking ass in rat skeletons, guns blazing, and making Krombopulos Michael look like Jerry with a bubble pipe. And… is he running from the Men in Black? We already know Rick has broken about as many intergalactic laws as humanly possible, so it only makes sense that he runs into trouble with every single police force. Maybe it has something to do with traveling back to Cronenberg’d C-137 as we see that Summer is back to working with herself from that dimension (or some muscular version of herself. As we know we can never assume). I’m hoping that the shot of Beth returning Summer to her “normal” self also means we get to see more of her on the adventures as she’s the only member of the family (including Jerry!) who hasn’t done much traveling with Rick to date.

Speaking of Summer, hooooooooooooly crap. Her response to “Kill me” as “Okay, but not because you told me to” may be one of the coldest lines we’ve seen in this whole series, and she’s literally standing in a desert. Jeebus. I’m wondering if the clear Mad Max reference is going to go the way of The Purge episode and make a straight up parallel, or if the punk fashion humanoids are actually survivors on C-137 avoiding the Cronenberg-ing.

As if that wasn’t enough, it also looks like we’re going to be dabbling more with time travel this season if the Jean-Paul Marat homage is any indication (in addition to being an important journalist in the French Revolution, he conducted extensive experiments on fire, heat, electricity, and light, so maybe Rick needed to kill him before he could create his own portal gun?).

All I know is, if this trailer doesn’t convince you to set several calendar reminders for July 30th at 11:30 PM when that new episode comes out, I got one thing to say to you:


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