Romulus #4 Review

Writer: Bryan Hill / Artist: Nelson Blake II / Image Comics

Romulus baaaaaaack. Yeah, b. Ashlar hops out the mutha fuckin’ whip coming right to the front door of Romulus’ hidden bunker. Ashlar knows this is a fight she is unprepared for but she not ’bout to let Nicholas stay captured a minute longer when she swore to protect him. She put that shit on her momma’s name that she’d 86 anyone comin’ for the kid. We got her in put up or shut up mode and ya girl not about to hold her tongue.

Never mind that the head of Romulus wanted this confrontation and starts giving the “you don’t even know how lost you are” Ted Talk as Achilles starts going Injustice 2 special meter all over Ashlar. Hill has Ashlar constantly comparing herself to her mother as well as others doing the same. We finally see Ashlar start thinking “What would moms do?” Then figuring out what she herself is capable of doing to get the same desired results.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 7.19.38 PM

There’s a true character defining moment for Nicholas as he has a choice to make regarding his own future. Blake II comes through as he is prone to do in the art. The pacing of these fight scenes is pretty fast but I find that I’m a bigger fan of the damage from the fights that Ashlar and others are drawn with. That detail is my shit.

I’m not even getting into the other occurrences this issue but trust me, it’s safe to say the war is on now. Romulus continues to be the prettiest dance partner at the ball on these comic book shelves.

9 Cat People out of 10

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