She-Hulk #7 Review

writer: Charles Soule / artist: Javier Pulido

I wasn’t all that impressed with the previous arc in She-Hulk even though it was still well done, but we get a break from serialized story telling in lieu of an isolated one for a change. And you know what, its a really fun story. The premise being when a scientist who specializes in shrinking tenchonolgy comes to Jennifer’s office to enlist her help in finding his partner, she in turn ask for help from an expert in the field. Mr. Hank Pym. The story is fun and lighthearted, full of wit and humorous dialogue in a “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” type of scenario.

The story also highlights the relationship between Jennifer and Patsy, or more so, how Jennifer must learn to trust her those around her who don’t have her abilities. This story doesn’t have much legs to it and it won’t spawn to anything bigger most likely, but its still fun and full of heart, which is still appreciated.

She-Hulk takes a break from the story lines and gives a heart felt issue with plenty of laughs. The new story line kicks off that hints at a larger Marvel Universe story that should be entertaining. This int he mean time, is a nice stop gap.


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